Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My First Follower!!!

WOW!  I have my first follower! What an accomplishment for myself!   (giving myself a pat on the back) LOL.   Now that I have come back down to earth from being up on cloud nine for days on end and so excited (in tears) that when I tried to write this post I felt like I was going to get sick! (in a good way, lol) 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous!!!  Your Blog has helped me so much!  Thank You for your Creating a Blog posts.  You have given me inspiration to begin posting on my blog after having such a hard time in the beginning.  I began this Blog back in September of 2010 and now its April of
2011 and I'm feeling  ready for this chapter of my life, My Blog.