Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!  I'm still hanging around here (if you were still wondering)

A lot has taken place here over the last weeks,


(he is now stating to run, not far, but still its a run!)

At his last check up which was a week ago, we got great news, everything looks great, his leg is a little shorter but not much.  So we don't have to back for SIX months!!!  We made a  lot of trips to London this summer but not for leisure so when Jack had his last appointment we made it our Family Vacation.  Everyone had a great time!!!

Sorry there sideways :(

They had a blast in the pool at the Hotel we stayed at!!!
It's Heated!!!  Enough Said!!!  (so is the floor around the pool) even better!!

These were the fish swimming in the stream beside the pool.  Jack loved them!!!  And I spent my time holding on to his belt loop.

Bedtime was great, movie watching on their own TV.

Once again sideways, this is the best we could do rubber boots and all, lol.   When we left it was raining cats and dogs.

Now that Jacks getting around again, we are starting potty training all over again.  (he was almost there before the accident, diapers only at night)
He is doing great once again!!!

I also went on my WOW Weekend 2 weeks ago, and received an awesome parcel in the mail!!!
But I'm going to leave that for another day, like tomorrow.

Until Then, have a great night!!!

Kendall      oxox