Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello everyone!

   I'm just stopping by for a few words today.  Just letting you know that I'm still here if your wondering.  :)  I have been dealing with somethings here in our lives that had been on going for a few months.  So unfortunately I had to take a break from my Blog and my Cake decorating as well.                                       

The one thing that I do know is I do believe in Angles.  I believe our angle was looking down on us the other day and I thank you for that.  And I have been reminded that we only live once and to treat others as you would like to be treated.  Because some of us don't get that chance at all.  
 I am back in action!!!!  Oh ya!!!!    Three days ago I received in less then 24 hours six cake orders pulse 2 wedding cakes.  I believe that this is a sign!  Thank you!!!

 Oh yes before i forget an up date on Chris's deer hunt.  In the last half an hour of the hunt which was on a Sunday night,  HE GOT HIS DEER!!!!   I was very excited for him.  (our freezer is now full).  He now only has 13 more days to bow hunt.  Lets hope for the best!!!!!

I hope everyone is getting geared up for the Holidays!!!   We are heading off to an early family Christmas today for brunch.  Yum, Yum!!!  The girls are just finishing up their Gingerbread houses and then we are off.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!   I'll be back soon!!!!   Until then my friends!!!!!

Have a great day!!!   Love Kendall,    oxoxox