Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cell phone

Hey everyone,I'm using Chris's cell for this post. Theres always a first. Now to learn how to up load pictures on here from this thing. LOL! I'm thinking that I may have to ask some fellow blogger pals for some help. I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! Until tomorrow.... Good night!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A big HELLO to all you out there in blog land.  I have been on a cake Holiday.  I have only had a few order to do over the last two weeks, but now it is going to be Cake Craziness again.  Which I love!!!!!  I am now caught up with all my blog reading as well!!! Can't wait to hear from everyone again.  You Ladies have great stories to tell and such great ideas to share.  There are days when I talk to my girl friends about you all and your such cool and brilliant things!  LOL.  I LOVE being apart of the blogging community!  Thank you ladies!!!  (for those that sell your creations I try to promote when ever possible!)

Have a great day everyone!!!  Today is a brand new day!!!  Peace brings Happiness!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Craftaholice Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange of June 2011.

In June I took part in the Craftaholice Anonymous Craft Gift Exchange. It was pretty fun.  This is what I made for my partner. Her name is Autumn from Texas.
You can check her out over at

I fell in love with it and may make one in every colour of the rainbow for myself.
She loves it. She has told me that its her new fav piece of jewelry.
Thank you for that.  I'm so glad that you love it!
Have a great day everyone!!!

The Peony.

I now have some more colour in my garden these days.  My peonies have bloomed but they don't last to long:(  They are my fav! This here is our back deck. That's what we call it.Its a big slab of concrete. My Peonies all across the one side.  When they are in bloom I love it!

This is where I go to enjoy my coffee on nice mornings before the kids wake up.  The furniture is one of a kind.  Chris made it for us.  Can you believe that!  He really did.  He's extremely smart when it comes to building things or fixing things whether it has a motor or not he can do it all!

This is our veggie garden that we planted a bit to late, but then again it was cold when it should have been warm and it rained for days on end. Night and day!!!  After all the rain it was then cold again. Now most of our garden has taken off but there are a few things that never started growing :(  

I wish that I could remember the name of these Peonies.  
These are planted in my big flower bed beside Chris's Shop.

This bush flowered for the first this year!!  Yay!!  There was 3 & 4 blooms per stem! Crazy.  Next year I'll be putting hoops around them so there not dropping to the ground when they all come out in bloom.  When they are in full bloom there just like one big puff ball.

Can't wait till next year when there in full bloom again!!!
 Have a great day!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Wedding Cake

Saturday July 16/2011 marks the first Wedding Cake that I have made.  Congratulations to Mr. Chis & Lori Brunner!!!  Thank you for having faith in me and making me a part of your special day! 

A few months back I made some cakes for Chris to take to work with him.  There a been other guys & gals bringing goodies in, so I sent him with cake.  His co-workers also become my taste testers.  Chris also showed them some pictures on his phone of cakes that I had been making.  They were impressed!  I was so excited. 
A week or so later Chris came in the door from work and the phone rang. I read the name out load to him because I didn't know the name. I thought wrong number.  Chris told me I should answer it with a big smile on his face. I was thinking what in the world!!!
Well it was not the wrong number and it was Chris B. on the phone asking me to make his wedding cake.  I was speechless and was having a hard time talking! I was in shock alright!
And of course I said Yes.  (I have just entered a whole new ball game)
Someone that I didn't even know, telling me that they had faith in me and they knew that I could do this!  WOW!  Is all I can say to that. 
I hung up the phone and thought, What have I gotten myself into!  hahahahaha.
What if something goes wrong with this cake?
My Chris told me " You can do this. You'll do great!!!"
"Oh , yes I will!!!"
I made them a sample carrot cake with cream cheese icing and my Chris took it to work with him and delivered it.  Thank you!!!  

Here is the journey of making this cake.

The first of the cream cheese icing on the cake.

Second layer of the bottom tier, 16" round cake  for the bottom.  All I could do was laugh at how frigin big it was. LOL, I'm still laughing!  It just fit in the oven.  It cooked great!!!

Layer number three of the bottom tier.  Getting ready to dirty ice the cake.  This means if you have not seen the Cake Boss, you put a thin layer of icing on first to prevent cakes crumbs showing in the icing. Than you generously ice the cake with a second layer.

Second layer of icing done!  It was huge and soooo heavy!!!

I iced beads around the bottom of the cake.  I did smooth the icing a little bit more.  

This is the Second tier. Also three layers of carrot cake.

This is one of many Edible Calla Lilies that I made.  They asked for light lilac and white ones.  I loved the challenge!!! I had loads of fun making them!!!  There are a number of steps to make these and you have to work a few days ahead for drying time.  Its all about  the drying time!!!

These here are the Lilac ones that I made with a like pink in the center.

Here they are all drying for the last time before they hit the cake.

The car is all packed up ready for the drive. Crossing every finger and toe.  So was Zoe, lol!
Both cakes-check, all flowers-check, icing tools-check, extra icing in cooler with ice pack-check.

My little helper waiting for me-check.  I guess she has been telling her father that she wants to decorate cakes like me when she gets older. lol.
The little black dot on cake, the fly,not a good thing!!!  
Got the darn fly out and we where on our way to Paisly. Air conditioning full blast!!!!

We made it!  Everything good to go!!!
My hands were not so willing when I was putting this together. They were shaking like crazy!!!     The Bride Lori and Groom Chris where so nice.  And Beautiful.  They were both very pleased with the cake!!!  Amen, Thank You!!!

Close up of the bunch of Calla Lilies on top of the cake. They looked great!!!
Lol, I had a little boy come over to me and ask  "Can you eat the flowers?"

I'm very proud of myself.  Things went great except for the fly in the car.  But that's life I'm sure it has happened to the famous Decorator's out there too. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading about the journey of my first Wedding Cake.

Alot to tell.

Theres nothing like being woke up to "KENDALL GET UP THE TRAMPOLINE IS GOING TO BLOW AWAY!   HURRY UP, GET UP, LETS GO! " at 4:15 am  
I'm thinking what the heck, out of a deep sleep.
"OK, yes I'm up"
I put Chris's slippers on and we are both running out the door (the slippers are to big).
Theres nothing like running across your yard in your grandma nightie, with wind blowing like crazy. I'm thinking theres a tornado coming. Lightning flashing all around you. Hair in my face & mouth.  And Chris Yelling over the wind "GET THE BLOCKS, HURRY UP!"
I ask "were are they"  (LOL, that may have not been a good thing to ask, but remember I'm still half asleep!!! and not thinking right.)   LOL.
Oh my god they are heavy when your still sleeping!
We set the cement post blocks on the legs of the trampoline,  Our job was done. The Trampoline saved!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I have pictures in hand!!!

Hi to all!!!  for those of you following along I have pictures in hand.  For real this time!!!   You may have some reading to do next time you stop by, but until tomorrow!  Its to late for me to start now :(     I'm in need of some great sleep after spending half the day at the river.  Very relaxing!  Today it was better then the beach!  Just our little fam. of 5!   We had our own private beach!   

Have a great sleep and see you in the morning!
night, night!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its cold up here in Ontario!

Who thought that in the summer time you would be grateful for have your oven on at the crack of dawn!, LOL!   And a hot coffee to warm you up, lol!   I thought that its summer not spring or fall for that matter.  Chris and I are usually up at 5-5:30am and no later.  (what the bleep,bleep,bleep, your thinking, lol)  He leaves for work and I'm up and at em.  Usually Baking.  But it seems like these days I'm in my woollies for the morning because it to cold.  Its great for sleeping though so I should stop my complaining!  For those of you not in our area are you finding the same thing???   That the temperature is not what it usually is? or should be?

Today I'm working on a wedding cake.  This is my first of four wedding that I have been asked to do.  I'm very nerves but excited at the same time!  It's all carrot and for 120 people.  

I also have another question for those of you that are married  "Did all your wedding cake get ate at the wedding???"  And  "How many of you were given a small tier that resembled your wedding cake to eat on your 1 year anniversary???"
Feel free to leave a comment, all you have to do is look at the bottom of this post you will see the word comment, click on it and it will bring up a comment box.  Write your comment and then click on the post comment button. 

A Big Thank You for taking the time to comment! It will help me out alot!!!!!
Have a great day, Kendall

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After the landing.

For those of you waiting on more pics of the fishing trip, here they are. 

Out boating.

From left to right,  Chris's brothers Rob & Randy.

Friend Chad, brother Rob & Randy.

Brother Rob & Randy.  LOL.  Theres no pictures of Chris.  I'm going to have to track some down,lol. 

Tommy sporting his DO, lol!  

I hope you enjoyed! 
More Cakes next time!!!
Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally getting them up on here!!! :)

Hello to All!!!
You may have been wondering when in the heck is she getting back on here, well I'm back and here it goes!  I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do!

My flavors from top and to the right. 1. Carrot topped with cream cheese icing, (Chris's fav.)  2. Red Velvet topped with a cream cheese rosette.  3. Peanut Butter with oh so heavenly peanut butter frosting. If you love Reese peeses you will LOVE my peanut butter cake! Taste just like them! (Chris's other fav.)  4. Chocolate on Chocolate.  Enough said!  5.  Strawberry topped with a Strawberry Butter cream Rose. Very famous among my ladies!  (my fav.!) 6. Vanilla with Vanilla Butter cream.  (My kids fav!)

Love this one, it was taken on our front porch.

Some of the 14 Dozen cupcakes that i mad the morning of the shoot. I was up just after 4am to get things done, lol.  (Kylie was coming at 10am.)

The love of my life!!! 

Love This!!!

I have saved the best for last!!!!!!!!!!!!! This says it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CUTEST EVER!!!  ( wearing my camo chef hat)

I had a great day doing this shoot!  I have planed another on for August. Excited for that one already!!!

A HUGE Thank you to Kylie Hulley for coming out to do this for me!!!
She is located in Goderich, Ontario.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good Morning

Hello to all!!!  Sorry that I have not been posting.  Life was happening!   I hope that everyone had a great Holiday weekend!!!  I sure did. Chris was off and I ended up have the weekend free too.  Although I did have one cake order.  That is what I call off.  Things are starting to really take off and I'm super excited for whats to come next!!!!!   I got word late last night that I will be getting my Photo Shoot pictures today!!! :)   I can't wait!!!  :)   Until Later!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kendall