Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Famous Bear

Some Ladies order this cake for one of their best girlfriends Birthday.  I was told that this lady is sooo afraid of the big Grizzly!!!

This was her Cake!!! HaHaHa.  All Chocolate. (heavenly) Seven layers in all.  In real life this cake looked amazing!  I do have to say.  The teeth and inside the mouth looked real, it was too cool!!!  It was the talk of Ashfeild for awhile. (lol).

My kids Birthday Cakes of 2010.

My daughter Z, ordered a Mermaid Cake for her 5th B-Day party. The bottom layer was Chocolate and the rest was Vanilla. (our family fav.)   For those of you looking at that thing on the top of the cake,  (i know,  wt* was i thinking) I wasn't,  LOL.  It lookes really bad I know.  The kids didn't notice it. (thank god)  With all that said and done the cake was a hit!!!

My daughter E ordered this Scooby Doo Cake for her 8th B-Day party.  All Vanilla for this one!  She LOVED it!!!

A Clown Cake.

This Clown Cake I made just over a year ago.  It was Vanilla cake with Vanilla buttercream.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Farmers Market this weekend :(

For those who have been waiting to see how the Farmers Market went, well it didn't.  My family has been sooo sick for 8 days now :(  And now finally on the mend! Thank God!!!  I'm now needing a holiday from cleaning up puke, vomite (is there a nicer way to put it?) and from the other end as well, 24 hours a day. ( No Kidding!!!)  My poor kiddies!!!!  Now I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I don't get this nasty bug!!! (praying that i don't!)  They have never been this sick before! 
On a happier note I'm getting ready for this week to come.  Planning on more posting!!!
Till next time, take care!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farmers Market

Well, this year I have decided to put a table up at the Farmers Market which begins next weekend. Here we call it the May 24 long weekend (Victoria Day Holiday by the calender).  I'm hoping to have a few Cakes, cupcakes, flower head bands, which my girls are in love with (and so am I).  I will be posting pictures of my table next week. Hope you all enjoy!!!  Stay Tuned!!!