Thursday, May 24, 2012

Joyful Thursday!

Hello Thursday!!! 
Hope everyone had a great week and a great last weekend!
I have tones to tell, but only giving you a little preview. hahaha

I have finally chosen the right colour. (I think)  I tested out one colour for over a week now, and I'm not feeling it.

After flipping through a few wall paper samples, Chris and agreed to this.  (still thinking about it!)

And I have been heavy into the Caramel making.  This is after the first 1/2 hour.  Smells AMAZING!!!

1 hour in, stirring non stop. You don't want this yummyness (is this even a word)

1 an 1/2 hours in, its a long trek but so worth it!!!
Were getting there, I can taste it!!!

20 minutes later this is the greatness that you are left with.  Holly Cow as my kids would say, lol.  That looks so good.

We were also living in the land of strawberries.  I had six little eyes over seeing these.  They were all about the same size and the little ones got into little hands.  Nothing like cocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast

In the end this is what the cake looked like.  It was for a bridal shower.

Side veiw.

And it is that time of year again, Chris's flyin fishing trip.  And Im booked for my weekend in September.  Go team Real Tree!!!

Over the last few weeks I have came across some great sayings, heres a few

Good friends are like stars. You dont always see them but you know there always there.

You never know how strong you are... Until being strong is the only chioce you have.

Life isn't about finding yourself, It's about creating yourself.

"The key to change... is to let go of fear"

Have a great rest of the day!!!
We have another crazy busy weekend/week coming up my friends stay tuned.

Until then, Kendall  oxox

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things we have worked on.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

So today I thought that I would be painting, because were I get my baking supplies from is closed today:(.  Tomorrow is going to be a bit of along day.  But who doesn't love baking.  (I may get a little head start tonight)

To many grey to choose from!!!
Iv narrowed it down to three swatches,  I purchased a test pot, brought it home, I was sooo excited!!!,  painted some areas,  and its not the right colour.  So sad. 
Thank god for test pots!!!

Happy Mothers day to me!!!   Going to a green house was part of my fun filled day!!!  My plants are all planted and looking great!!!
Bringing these home was pretty funny in our Ford Escape along with three kidos, plus five bags of soil. I wish that I would have gotten a picture.  We were just one big flower, hahaha

Chris and I put these up on the back end of our house.
I still feel like there is something missing. Not sure what. My vision was a little different.  But Chris was happy!

As we were heading out the lane way to go to town these sweet little guys were perched on our new decorations.  Chris took a double take, it was priceless. I wish I had it on tape!!!  And I burst out laughing!!!  There not real.  I sure got a reaction!!!  LOL!!!

Chris also made the girls some new swings.  After i search all over the Internet I found great swings but there was no way I was paying $60.00 plus tax and then shipping on top of that for 2 swings.  These swings cost us nothing because we had everything, and it took Chris 15 minutes to make these and hang them.  Everyone loves them!!!
Everything was re-purposed!!! How awesome is that!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Until then, Kendall  oxox

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIWW # 4

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Belated Mothers day to all the Mothers and Mothers to be!!!

Its been a few days since I have been around, but it has been none stop around here.  The weather has been great!  And I have a sunburned face.

So today I'm going to join in on WIWW.  (it has been way to long)

On mothers day I got all dolled up to go out on the town!

Shirt - mexx
Tank - Joe Fresh
Jeans - hmd  (hand me down)

Miss E took this for me, she did a pretty good job.  Unlike her father & I with our crop of dandelions, LOL.
(there gone now for a few days)

Happy Wednesday!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Painting EVERYTHING that I can find.

Hi Everyone, hope that you are having a great Thursday!!!

Here's a little tid bit of what I have been up to when its not raining and cold.
This is our outdoor dinner table, it was white, then a rainbow of colours,(yes this is the table that i have been doing my painting on outside), and now it's black to match our other wrought iron furniture.  Chris also made this as well.  Hes pretty darn talented!!!
 I ran out of paint, with just a very small spot to finish

I made this wreath last spring.  It has been hanging around in my craft room waiting for me.  And now she waits no more.  So I decided to paint her up.  I have a great spot for her!!!

I have also been wanting to paint this for same while now, but undecided on a colour.  So white it is.  This once served as a bench at our back door, but now a coffee table.

This is one of our favs.  From Martha, Everyday Food.  I was asked countless times were the broccoli was.  lol.   We had none on hand:(
And yes that's lemons sliced up tossed in there as well, so yummy!!!
Into the oven we go.

And out we come.  What in world have I done?  Sweet potato doesn't taste to bad a little black, hahaha.  It was pretty caramelized to say the least!
Chicken was perfect!!!

I think we have another super star in the fam!!!
Mr. J just had to put these on and then he posed foe me.  Too cute!!!
I think it might be a bit early to hit the rink.  What do you think???

What a clever idea, a handle to pick the kids up off the ice with!,   LOL,LOL!!!
(its sooo not for that!!!  How about to hang them up after the game)

Now off to planning my baking weekend.  Hard at it!!!  And loving every minute of it!!!!!

Until tomorrow

Kendall   oxox

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arrr Matey

Hello to all!

Arr Matey!

A little man up the road had a Pirate Party on Sunday, and the look on his face when I came to the door with this.  LOL!  It was sooo cute and funny.  And I was speechless.  His look said it all!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

This cake was half Vanilla with Vanilla Butter cream and the other half Chocolate with Chocolate Butter cream.  The fondant was all Chocolate.

These are the onions that Zoe picked for me. She first came in with one little bunch then the next thing I know she comes in with an arm load and says to me.  "Mom I picked you some onions maybe you can put them into soup."
All I could  do was laugh.  These are the only thing that we have growing right now, and have yet to plant our veggie garden. 

Have a great day!!!!

Until then,   Kendall  oxox

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey Saturday!!!

Hello Saturday Afternoon!!!
I hope that every ones weekend is off to a great start!!!
With one cake already out the door this morning a have a few more to fulfil. And half of our house hold is off for an afternoon nap, and the girls outside playing I have a few minutes to take in some silence,  lol.  (you moms out there know what I'm talkin about)

So if you have been wondering why I really haven't been around here for a few days, well we have been a little busy taking care of our dog "Spot". and why, well I ran over him on Wednesday night after our girls fantastic night at GEMS.  I was turning into our lane way and that's when it happened.  And Chris rushed him to the 24 hour on call vet.  Thank you god that he was OK.  But at first we didn't think that he was going to make it.  He has a swelled right shoulder and his leg was twisted.  Maybe a broken rib, but there is nothing that can be done for that, and a few small cuts on the pads of his front feet.  The first 24 hours was pretty emotional.  I have been feeling so bad for what I have done.  But Thank God that he is going to be OK.  He is still in pain, but getting better day by day!!!

And here's the cake that got picked up this morning.
A Purse Cake, for a "13" teenager who LOVES money. 


I hope that you enjoy your cake!

Thanks Tina!

I'm off to do some more baking!!!  Yum!!!
Be back tomorrow

Until Then,  have a great night.

We're having movie night tonight!!!