Monday, August 29, 2011

The love of Hunting, Fishing & Camping.

For the LOVE of the outdoors!!!    Yummy!!!!!!!!!  It was all Chocolate, even the brown fondant was chocolate.   This was for 13 year old Greg, who lives to hunt and fish!!!

:(  I wish I had better pictures of this cake.  (maybe one of the whole thing).  I took these with Chris's phone and didn't do the greatest job.   Someday I hope to learn to take great pictures! lol.  I loved making this cake, it was alot of fun!!!

Have a great day all!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tornados lifted, happy now!

Thank you GOD!!!!  The tornado's have lifted!!!!   All warnings have now been lifted, amen!   No worries now, just clean up.  
I'm also thinking of those down south who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis, like earthquakes and hurricanes. 

It truly does look like a war zone, these are only a few pictures. It was crazy seeing it with my own two eyes. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh my!

Oh my, I have so much reading to do from other blogger ladies.   I have been distracted by the Tornado that went through the town of Goderich which is 10/15 min south of us.  And today starting around luch time they have put out Tornado Warnings. 

Wow!!!!! 10 mins ago Tornado just touched down outside Lucknow which is 10 min, not even north of us.   I was on the phone with my friend Kate (also a fam. member)  They are in the basement  and the news and radio is telling us to get down in the basement where its the safest.  I just went out to the shop to get Jack and to tell Chris.  He told me that he seen the sky and the clouds go together from different drections, It was pretty wild hes siad, just minutes before I went running out. He thought for sure that that was a tornado.  So now 2 more have hit the area.  3 altogether in the last 4 days.  (and we were always told that we couldn;t have toradoes so close to the lake)   Anything can happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well, over and out.  Untill later.  Bye

Monday, August 22, 2011

What a day!!!

 I 'm thinking of those in Goderich right now!!! :(  After the Tornado ripped though yesterday just around 4:00pm.  We were at a wedding shower for Kate in Port Albert. About 10/15mins north of Goderich.  We were on the edge of the storm with very little hale. (Kate is going to marry one of Chris's oldest nephews, Cory)  Jillian Cory's sister got a text from her soon to be husband Trevor saying he was in the basement, tree down on porch, fence gone, car done, very scared. Tornado.   This is how we found out what was happening.  Scary!!!

We have family members who have had alot of damage done to their homes ans vehicles.  I have been trying to get a hold of some people but cant get though, cell phones are jammed.
I'm thinking  that it is so much worse then what they are letting on.  They have closed down the roads leading in to town (as we call it)  We don't know how long they will be closed for.  We have heard that there is a conference to be held this morning to asses the damage and to bring in volunteers,  Chris has said that he will be taking time from work to help out. He all ready to go!!!

So now it is about 12:30pm, luch done and Chris and a few friends are off with there chain saws to help where needed!  Good luck boys!!!!!  (we have both friends and family with major house damage:(.  )  But lucky no one was hurt!

I have been looking around for pictures and video, but there are a few on utube. Type in Goderich Tornado.  

Until  later, there will be more updates at 3:30.    bye for now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Worked outside.

So yesturday after I posted the speed cleaning I said that I was going to giver a try, Well Jack didnt take a nap at his usual time yesturday so i decided to do some work outside instead. It was a nice day so it worked out good. 
Today is gooing to be the day!  I will be doing the speed cleaning.  Im less 1 child today as well  (sleep over). 

I have also started working on a Wedding Cake for the weekend.   Its a Butterfly themed Cake.  This weekend is going to be a carzy one.   This is how it lookes now:

Friday,  Chris working OT.    I'm baking Wedding cake thats 3 teirs for sat. & a wedding shower cake/ cupcakes for Sun.

Sat morn.  working on Weddeing cake, finishing touches.   Go set up the wedding cake, Come home get ready for another wedding.  Chris and I are also going to a friends wedding later in afternoon & night.

Sunday, work on wedding shower cake.   This wedding shower is for Chris nephew, (where about the same age, lol)   Chris is the yungest of 8.   Go decorate church and them have fun at the wedding shower!!!!!  

And somewhere in there cut the grass,  and chris has to do some work on his truck.   Is there going to be enough time for this??? LOL!    Oh yes I have to also grocerey shop and the kids have a B-Day party tomorrow afternoon.    I would like to find time to write a few posts as well!!!

Have a Happy few Days!!!   Kendall

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I tryed :( it failed :(

Keeping you posted I tryed to send my blog pictures from our cell phone. (I didnt have great luck, yet) I will figure this out !!!!!    LOL.   (HELP)  LOL!

The iPhone again, giving it another try, lol

Well hello all I'm back! The wave of crazyness has washed over, now to get my head back in the game!!! I'm ready now so bring the sweetness on!!! I am going to try to up load some pictures from this phone, every finger and toe crossed (I hope u have yours crossed too) lol. I'm going to need it! Let's try this again,lol

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Its been a CRAZY few weeks!!! What the BLEEP!!!

Well,  Hello to all!!!  I have once again missed a few days here  (so sorry about that).  I think that it has been more then a few.  lol.   Our little fam. of five has been going through alot these days!  Both Amazing & and not so amazing!   (I'm wishing that I was eating cake right now! LOL)
We said Good Bye to my Mom's Father, my grandpa Charlie.  Tear...
His passion for fishing and the great outdoors lives on! 
We also said good bye to my mom's great aunt George (Georgina) which would be my great-great aunt, but we all called her aunt George.   I'll miss her laugh, it was one of a kind and all the stories she had for us when we would visit. LOL Aunt George!  We also said a last Good Bye to Uncle Morgan, Georges husband.  Morgan was my Great grandpa Jim's brother. They looked so much alike.   Tear...
It's feeling like it my turn for everyone to be dieing around me. I'm now at 5 family members in less then a year. It's the strangest feeling that's for sure!  All I can say is Until then...

We have been back and forth to my moms countless times in the last 2 weeks.  Being with my family means the world to me. I  love you so much!!!   My uncles also came back home from out west.  I loved seeing you!  We all  stayed at my mom &  Don's, their the ones with all the beds.  I'm thinking that they will be enjoying their empty house tonight and sleeping peacefully, lol.

(I could also add some crazy stupidness to the list,  but I don't want to bore you with the details)
After the last two weeks I have also come to realize alot about people and the things that we do with our lives.  My fam. of five is stronger then ever!!!!!  Thank You and  Amen!

Also among all this I have been slamming out cakes!  Yes I had to work some magic and change some peoples dates and times around, more then once but everything was done on time & delivered.  Thank you Chris!!! lol.   He is such a great support with my Cake baking and creating!  He's a fantastic advertiser as well! (so I hear, lol, thank you!!!)  He also takes last minute phone calls from me asking if he can stop on his way home from work and get me fondant, cake boards, or anything else I may need, lol!  He can now walk done the cake isle at the Bulk Barn with his eyes closed. haha.  He is also my delivery boy.  His deliveries start a 5:45, as he heads out the door to go to work, (his full time job)  I hand him a cake in one hand and a coffee in the other.   I say  "Have a Great Day, and Drive Safe!"    He always calls to let me know that the cake was delivered.  And a Huge Thank You to all the Guys at Bruce Power for your orders!
Good Night, Sleep Tight!!