Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!    I would like to Thank Everyone for stopping by!  I have been putting alot of energy into my Cake Design/Creations over the past months.  And I will no longer be using this site as I have a New Site under Consturuction!  I will post the Information for that site at a later date.   Thank you for all your support and new found friendships!!!

Until Then,  Kendall @ Kendall's Kakes    OX

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I'mmmm Back!!!!!! Hello Everyone!!!!! There is no better day then today to start blogging again. Today I'd like to shout out a Happy Birthday to my mom (nene, to my kids) (and now a lot call her that now too), the most amazing & strongest person I will ever know!!! I thank God everyday that she's my mom. This lady has thought me everything I know and I don't know what I would do without her. We talk everyday or should I say10 times a day, lol! And a year ago we were given the biggest test yet, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has gone through it all with such grace, surgery, radiation, and chemo. She's the strongest person I'll ever know!!!! Her last treatment was December 19/2012. It was a cause for celebration!!!! And we did!!! "We love you so much Mom". Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Hunting Season!

Hi Everyone, Hunting season is in full swing here.  Chris got home last week from his 2 week Moose Hunting Trip up North, 20 some hours north.
Unfortunately no moose for our freezer, but he did have one encounter with a Bull on their last day, To bad they couldn't have stayed longer!!!
But in the end he did enjoy himself!!!

And for some exciting news Chris just came in from getting a Big Deer Buck, a Big 6 pointer!!!  WHOOT!!!  Food for our family!!!

And again some more exciting news, while Chris was away moose hunting, I went and got myself a job. Yes you read that right, after being home for eight years with our children it is time that I spend time outside the home. I'm now ready for this part of my life!  (but only part time)  This leaves me plenty of time for my Cake Creating @ Kendall's Kakes!

Sorry folks, I have no pics to show you right now, but I will!

So until then, have a great night!!!
Kendall  oxox

Thursday, October 18, 2012

WOW Weekend, My second Year

Hello again!!!
Hope you all had a great few days!  Since school has started I feel like we have had so much to do, and I thought that we would get a little break once the girls were back in school, hahaha
Although I did have a small break and travelled north with a few awesome ladies!  Our WOW  Weekend was fun, better then last year!  The OFAH puts this weekend on to encourage women to get out doors and to try new things!  I found it very relaxing, even though there was no down time. lol.  There's nothing like being caught on a lake in a catamaran (2 canoes tied together with sticks) and a storm blows in.  Paddling against the wind and rain to get back to shore is something I will probably never do again.  To me it got a bit wavy.  Thankfully it was a smaller lake (but it was big enough for me)  Personally, I pretended that I was in a dragon boat race to get my mind off it all,lol!  (i have only been i a canoe a few times) What a work out!!! 

The beginning of our adventure.

Once again, my first cast!!!  Two years in a row on my first cast I caught a fish

I love Bass fishing!!!

Carrie's first catch of the day!!!   Love the Seaforth Rain Gear,  (from my home town)

The rain started but that didn't stop us from fishing!

When we got back to shore.  Still Smiling

The sauna was get!!!

I need me a pair of these!

Our last morning.  What a view!!! 

I got my nerve up to go ring the bell.

Now i truly get it, why Chris loves to hunt.  As soon as I parked my behind in the tree stand all my worries in life washed away, but only for a few minutes.

Until then,  Kendall oxox

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!  I'm still hanging around here (if you were still wondering)

A lot has taken place here over the last weeks,


(he is now stating to run, not far, but still its a run!)

At his last check up which was a week ago, we got great news, everything looks great, his leg is a little shorter but not much.  So we don't have to back for SIX months!!!  We made a  lot of trips to London this summer but not for leisure so when Jack had his last appointment we made it our Family Vacation.  Everyone had a great time!!!

Sorry there sideways :(

They had a blast in the pool at the Hotel we stayed at!!!
It's Heated!!!  Enough Said!!!  (so is the floor around the pool) even better!!

These were the fish swimming in the stream beside the pool.  Jack loved them!!!  And I spent my time holding on to his belt loop.

Bedtime was great, movie watching on their own TV.

Once again sideways, this is the best we could do rubber boots and all, lol.   When we left it was raining cats and dogs.

Now that Jacks getting around again, we are starting potty training all over again.  (he was almost there before the accident, diapers only at night)
He is doing great once again!!!

I also went on my WOW Weekend 2 weeks ago, and received an awesome parcel in the mail!!!
But I'm going to leave that for another day, like tomorrow.

Until Then, have a great night!!!

Kendall      oxox

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hockey/Swimming Party Cake

Hey everyone I'm back!  Its been a while since i blogged two days back to back.  I have been missing it, but just couldn't find my groove.

So in between Jacks accident & hospital stays we were home for a week and I did have a few cake orders to fulfill.  Which was great because we were trying to keep things as normal as possible. 
So when this young girls mom called me  (an old neighbour from growing up) I hopped right on it, hockey was also my favorite sport growing up. I also played it too.  But that's for another day.
This day was all about Miss J.  I was told that her favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  And she was having a swimming party.  So this is what I delivered to her. 

Happy Birthday Jaymie!!!

This cake was all Chocolate!!!  The bottom tier is a Hockey Jersey.

(Do to lighting I had to place the cake in 2 different places)

So that's it, in a nut shell for tonight. 

Tomorrow I will have some pictures of what we will be up to this week.
Stay tuned,  Until then

Kendall    oxoxox

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jack update # 2

Hello Everyone!!!  So today more then ever in last 6 weeks are so I'm counting down our days!!!  This coming Friday we head to London again for Jack.  Our fingers have been crossed for a few days now and Chris has told me that he prays every night for him.  (love it!)  I to have been praying like crazy as well!  And Jack, well he has been great though this all, which surprises me everyday!!!  (he does have his moments, but what 2 1/2 year old doesn't, hahaha)  I will get a great picture of this cast for you (coming soon) Its the best cast ever, our family fav, CAMOFLOUGE.  What would be a better fit,  LOL! 

And while I have been inside alot this summer and became garden lazy these favorite things of mine showed there true colours.  I so did not love and cherish them this summer :( 
Although Chris came in many of nights with a bouquet of flowers for me!  How loving his he!!!  It meant so much!!!

(To a dear friend Alyshia, this is for you!)

After how many years these finally bloomed amazingly. And a few were huge!!!  I transplanted these 4/5 years ago! 

My mom loves this colour of hollyhock.  She said that she has never seen this colour.  But they change colour every growing season. You never know what your going to get!

These hocks grow pretty tall this year, even after the cold weather we got that stunted everything else.  I also thought that I pulled these all out of my garden, but they started growing late, and for once they were not taken over by a mildew or any other bug.  They have staying very healthy!

Well that's it for now,

Until then,  Kendall     oxox