Monday, August 13, 2012

Hockey/Swimming Party Cake

Hey everyone I'm back!  Its been a while since i blogged two days back to back.  I have been missing it, but just couldn't find my groove.

So in between Jacks accident & hospital stays we were home for a week and I did have a few cake orders to fulfill.  Which was great because we were trying to keep things as normal as possible. 
So when this young girls mom called me  (an old neighbour from growing up) I hopped right on it, hockey was also my favorite sport growing up. I also played it too.  But that's for another day.
This day was all about Miss J.  I was told that her favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  And she was having a swimming party.  So this is what I delivered to her. 

Happy Birthday Jaymie!!!

This cake was all Chocolate!!!  The bottom tier is a Hockey Jersey.

(Do to lighting I had to place the cake in 2 different places)

So that's it, in a nut shell for tonight. 

Tomorrow I will have some pictures of what we will be up to this week.
Stay tuned,  Until then

Kendall    oxoxox

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jack update # 2

Hello Everyone!!!  So today more then ever in last 6 weeks are so I'm counting down our days!!!  This coming Friday we head to London again for Jack.  Our fingers have been crossed for a few days now and Chris has told me that he prays every night for him.  (love it!)  I to have been praying like crazy as well!  And Jack, well he has been great though this all, which surprises me everyday!!!  (he does have his moments, but what 2 1/2 year old doesn't, hahaha)  I will get a great picture of this cast for you (coming soon) Its the best cast ever, our family fav, CAMOFLOUGE.  What would be a better fit,  LOL! 

And while I have been inside alot this summer and became garden lazy these favorite things of mine showed there true colours.  I so did not love and cherish them this summer :( 
Although Chris came in many of nights with a bouquet of flowers for me!  How loving his he!!!  It meant so much!!!

(To a dear friend Alyshia, this is for you!)

After how many years these finally bloomed amazingly. And a few were huge!!!  I transplanted these 4/5 years ago! 

My mom loves this colour of hollyhock.  She said that she has never seen this colour.  But they change colour every growing season. You never know what your going to get!

These hocks grow pretty tall this year, even after the cold weather we got that stunted everything else.  I also thought that I pulled these all out of my garden, but they started growing late, and for once they were not taken over by a mildew or any other bug.  They have staying very healthy!

Well that's it for now,

Until then,  Kendall     oxox

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jack update # 1

Hi everyone!!!  Hope you all have have a great couple of weeks!!!   Finally I'm in the mood and along with a few quiet moments to myself, the kiddos are still in bed, to fill you in on how things are going around here.  So here goes, I believe I ended last with Jack having a week in his cast before he had another appointment in London at The Children's Hospital.  On July 16 was his first appointment, everything was going great so we thought:)  Then the Dr. said that he wanted to admit him.  What!  I think Chris and I were in shock for a few seconds.  They said that they were going to go call about a bed for him and I think they got the hint by the looks on our faces we weren't ready for what they had just said. lol.  We both looked at each other and said but we don't have anything with us.  Seeing as we live 2 hours away they told us to go home get everything figured out with the girls and to pack our bags for the week, then come back tomorrow.  We ended up going back to the hospital the next day (Tuesday) and Jack was admitted for his hospital stay.   For our hospital stay Jack was taken out of his cast and put into traction.  Which is weights hanging off the end of his right leg and him laying on his back for a week.  How in the world to you keep a 2 1/2 year old on his back for 8 days, well stickers were the greatest thing ever!!!  
Our days consisted of: sleeping in because we were up so much through the night, with pain or vitals needed.
waking up to watch treehouse
watching Treehouse
play with trucks
stickers on paper the ripping them off again
still watching Treehouse
colouring and ripping the colouring books apart
putting stickers all over ourselves
watching Treehouse
putting stickers on paper
playing with Thomas the train 
maybe some colouring
NAP TIME!!!!!   (we both did)
waking up
watching more Treehouse
sticking stickers everywhere
we were still watching TV. (treehouse)
colouring on paper
ripping paper to shreds
playing with toy animals
playing with trucks and cars
more stickers!!!
Eventually it was night time and when we had a window bed or no neighbour next to us we put the city to sleep. 

Through out the week we did change a few things up, we got some bubbles, new stickers, a personal DVD player, and some new toys, and books!

I was very worried about how he was going to be for the week, but he was pretty good through out our 8 day stay.  We ended up coming home on the 25 of July just before midnight.  The senior resident wanted us to stay another night because Jack went into the OR so late but we were ready to go home.  The reason for him having to go to the OR was not for surgery but they did have to put him under to put his cast on.  We are still thanking God that he has not had to have any surgery, because down the road he would then have to have more surgery's. 
Our fingers are crossed that at Jacks next appointment Aug, 17 his x-rays are looking great!!! 

So I better go, we have swimming lessons to get to.

Have a great rest of the day!!!

Kendall   oxoxox