Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fishing trip.

Well I said that I would show you some more pictures of the Fly-In Fishing trip,  So here they are.  Life has been a bit crazy with me also being sick for just over a week we are now getting back on track!!!  So excited for what things are to come!!!!!!!  Anyways here we go.

This is the cabin that they all stayed in for a few days.

The front porch, and Chris's brother Randy.

Where they sat and took in  the view.

The dock, now remember this is out in the middle of now where.

This is a hill next to the cabin, all rock!  So they climbed.

And climbed.

And climbed with fishing pole and phone in hand! lol!

And climbed some more!

and then over another huge rock,

to see this!!!!!!!  WOW is all I can come up with!   Up stream.

Our friend Tommy V (maize).  Our girls have always thought that he was related. Emma calls him Tommy Maize and it has stuck. lol.  He's not related, not even close.  He also showed up sporting a new do for the trip.  A close up later on.

Down stream and once again fishing pole in hand!  Its either a fishing pole or gun in hand with Chris!  Loves to Hunt and Fish every second he can!!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, Have a great rest of the day, I have cakes to ice and crafts to finish.  Have a good one,   Kendall

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fly -In Fishing Trip. It's a Guy Thing!

How is everyone today?  Two weeks ago Chris and 2 of his brothers and a couple of friends went up North on a Fly-In Fishing Trip.  An 8 hour drive north to Tamogamee then get on a small plan and fly into the bush. This year they went further in then last year. They land on a lake up there then drive/float up to a dock and get dropped off. lol.  ( we'll see you in a week)

This is Chris taking off.


The last house they seen before flying into the bush.

What a view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lake at the bottom of the picture is the Lake that they  will be landing on.


We're coming in for a landing!!!

 Whoop!  Safe landing!  They made it!    I'm sure that Chris was cheering in  like crazy inside!  (I sure would be!)

Well, they made it!  Happy Fishing!!!  See ya next week :)
Tomorrow is another day, I will post some more pictures of the trip.
Have a great rest of the day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uploading pics.

So I have been trying for an hour to up load pictures on here and for some reason its just not wanting to. So you'll have to wait till later, I'll try again. Sorry!!!

Kendall  xoxo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Gardens 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Here are some more up to date pictures of the gardens.  The shade bed.

Flower bed by the shop.

I was standing at the back of the pathway here.

Another photo of my shade bed from the other side.  And alot of bird poop!!!

Peonies at the back deck and where I love to drink my coffee!

The side of  the house facing the lake (west side). 

I hoped that you all enjoyed these.  The Peonies have now bloomed. What a great thing!!!  They are my fav!
I know that wasn't much for today but I have planed a Cake Photo shoot for Friday!  Sooo excited!!! I have alot to get ready!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, Chris went on a Fly In Fishing trip up north and came home with some awsome pictures!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

How does your Garden grow???

 Welcome!!! For those who can't be here in person here are some pictures of my gardens.  These are a bit out of date! Taken about a mouth and a half ago, maybe longer. ( seeing as we just figured out how to up load pics from the iPhone) LOL!
 My shad bed under the ceders. And yes as you can see I had some weeding still to do! (the top of the pic)  I'm in love with Hostas!!!
 My pathway I made all on my own, even the stones!  With our cement mixer, a pill sand, a truck load of gravel, 10 bags of cement power/dust what ever you want to call it, two shovels, a pail, mold, and alot of energy and hard work. This is what you get. 
Oh yes and on last thing, the shed in the back drop will be my shop in the future!!!
 The back drop here is Chris's shop, which he LOVES!!! and so do all the guys, lol!

 The Wrought Iron furniture you see there on our deck, Well Chris built that. He so so talented!!! He can do anything!!!
Our lane, We LOVE it!!!

I have some more up to date pics to come!   Have a Great Day!!!!!

Jilly Bean

Last month was a very crazy Birthday Month with our fam.  Lost count on how many there were altogether! lol.   Here is one of the cakes I make for our niece Jillian. She turned 30 this year.  And yes if does feel strange to say niece because I'm only one year older then her. LOL.  You maybe thinking what the.....  But my other half is the youngest of eight.  The baby of the fam.  And I'm an only child. 
So anyways on with the cake!  About the family will be another post in the future.

 (The family calls her Jilly Bean)
She loves Pink, and very fashionable!  (unlike myself!)

The light Pink slab cake on the bottom was half Chocolate and Vanilla single layer.  The purse was alternate layers of Chocolate and Vanilla, seven layers!.  This cake was very heavy!!!!!!!  The high heel and make-up where all edible!!! 
( I have gave myself a pat on the back for this one!!! Very proud of myself !!!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FOUND IT!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my,  you wont believe it,  I finally found my camera!!!!!!!   The Mr. Chris also figured out how to upload pictures for his iPhone!!!  LOL.  you maybe thinking, That's so easy!  but if you know Chris its a big thing (not a computer person)  And for myself, I'm learning as I go.  But for now I'm going to have to let you go :(  I have 2 cake orders for tomorrow!!!
One last thing though before I go,  A Huge Thank You to Sadie Jane over @ Simply Sadie Jane!!!!  She is my 3rd follower!!!  (this is a big deal! lol)   Her Blog is tooo cute!!!  And I love her ETSY Shop! So go on over and take a look, you will love her shop too!!!!
Thanks Sadie!!!!! xoxo
More exciting posts to come!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I came up with.

How is everyone today?  Where great here!   Over the weekend we were given some hand me downs for our son.  Which I love to get!!!!!!!!!!!   A big Thank You to my friend Heather!!! 
I came across a pair of overalls.  I like them and I don't (sorry).   I came up with a great idea for them!   I am hope that it hasn't been done already, lol. (but I'm sure it has!)  I have it made and it is sitting in my lap right now. LOL.  The only thing is that I can't find the damn camera!!!  I have been trying to find it, but I have yet to look everywhere, as the Camera is not in my hand. hahaha. 

Until later, have a great rest of the day!  I'll still be looking for my camera!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm working on in my FREE time!!!

With my last trip to town I said that I was going to fill you in later.  Well I finally chose the paint colour for our sons room and picked it up the other day.   Sorry there are no before pics, ( it was really bad,lol)    Paneling that was a light brown with dark brown wood grain.  We also live in a 101 year old home. ( the family farm)   Now it is up to us to bring it up to date!  lol.
Standing in the door way of his room taking this.
One big wall.
The top of his closet door.  I'm not wanting to show the whole door because it such a mess, (when we had to move everything out of his room. lol.)  I may get the nerve up to take a pic, to give you a good laugh!
This is from the far side of the room show you the doorway into his room.

This is me standing on the ladder taking the tape off, and as you can see I will also have touch ups to do. (Your probably thinking no wonder your standing across the room pulling the tape off,lol)  I thought it was pretty funny, the whole room came off in one piece.  
And yes I will be getting a new Light fixture!

I have a big list of projects for Jacks Room.  From painting his bed to sewing is bedding and a few other things.  So stay tuned!!!

Have a great day,  Kendall