Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIWW # 3, Niagara Falls.

Hello Everyone!!!

Its Wednesday once again and I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy  with WIWW.  If you are wondering what this is pop on over to The Pleated Poppy and take a look see. 

So here goes nothing. 
Over the weekend I was on a Batchlorette weekend with some fab. girlfriends. I also made a few more to!!!  We had such a blast!!!!!   So here are a few outfits that I wore.

Friday night Dinner outfit.  (at our hotel room)

Jacket- HMD, from girlfriend Kate
Shirt- Joe Fresh
Pants-HMD, from girlfriend Kate

What everyone else wore wine tasting.  The Hillebrand Estates was the first stop of three vineyards.

What I wore.

Shirt- its brown this time, i changed it up, lol.  Joe Fresh
I was waring a feather earrings that I wish you could see.

Saturday night dancing outfit.  (I felt bare, thank you long hair you kept me warm!)

Top-GT Boutique (giant tiger) It was an animal print theme night Sat.

My new buys for the weekend.  Love them both!!!

Jewels-Arden's.  Its such a cool store for costume jewelry. And sooo CHEAP! 
These were 3/$10. Although I'm not wearing my third piece.

Have a great rest of the day!!!

Kendall oxoxox

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Holiday for me???

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm so excited that once again this month I get another HOLIDAY!!!!  WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!
For those that know me, you know that I don't get out much (at all). lol.   Now that I'm a mom, and a SAHM, it has taken a while for me to learn that it is OK for me time. That its OK for me to go away and not feel guilty and that I should be home with the kids.  But I have been home now for 7 1/2 years and so needing some me time, IT'S OK!!!   It was great to get away 2 weekends ago with 90 ladies a didn't even know. lol.  It was so relaxing for me even though the whole weekend we didn't stop. There was on going activities for 3 days.
So once again I get another weekend???  What , me???
This weekend myself and 7 other girls are heading to Niagara Falls, Ont.  Exciting!!!   I'm feeling like a little kid right now, hahaha.  We are heading there for our friend Kate Bachelorette Party.  She is marrying Chris's nephew Cory.  The Boys weekend was last weekend. Now its our time. we have some pretty fun things to do!!!  Saturday morning Wine Tour.  (I have always wanted to go on one of these, even though I don't drink and haven't for over 7 years.)  What have I got myself into?????  LOL!!!  I am looking forward to shopping in the city!!!

Anyways before I got myself ready for this weekend this is what I have been preparing for. 


When you walked in the back door this is what you were greeted with, yummy!

Dive in kids!!!

What they had to drink, everyone was a different colour of the rainbow. No fighting, it was great. You should try it sometime!  (and yes i did notice later that my rainbow is wrong here) 

All the colourful pom poms I made, there so fun!!!!

All our kids birthday parties take place in our back room, which is the play room.

LOVE the pinata.  Our kids have one at every birthday.  I love watching all the kids hit it and cheering them on. When you cheer them on they always want to hit it harder, lol.  and then all the other kids are screaming and laughing too. It gets pretty wild at our house when the pinata comes out!!!  I always end up in tears from laughing so hard!!!   

Pin the pot of gold under the rainbow.  I saw this on another ladies blog and fell in love with it!!!
the girls loved it to!

At the end of the game. A tie.

Spin the bottle for opening gifts. Emma's idea, what a great big sister!

The cake.

And the surprise inside!!!

Treat bags. Everyone had a colour. Orange has already left for home before I got a picture.

All the girls dressed in there colour that I wrote on their invite.  Great job Girls!!!
Zoe in Pink
Emma in Black, she was the pot of gold.

Have a great weekend friends!!!!

I have my shopping list ready.  Hoping for some great finds in the city!!!

until Monday...

Kendall oxoxox

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WIWW, week #2.

Hello everyone!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!  For those that have stopped by before or its your first time its WIWW time!  (although I'm a day late posting this and I have missed 2 weeks, not good on my part) But better late then never.  Right? LOL.   So here it goes. 

top - Aeropostale
jeans - walmart
jean jacket - hand me down from my girlfriend Kate (just the other day) Thank you my friend!!!
scarf - Good Choice  (you can get everything at this store)

Purse - Good Choice  (its my pride & joy!, hahaha)  I'm sure some of you feel the same way.
My purse will be posted another day.

Shoes - The Shoe Barn  (a local shop)
(a $5 find, whoot for me)

I have once again entered the 90's with these shoes.hahaha  The loafer.
The first time I put these on to go out I got "Mom you look like a geek with those shoes on. There really geeky!!!"
Me,  "Oh". it totally caught me off guard. "Well your dad loves them".  hahaha

Have a fantastic Day!!!

Still loving my $5 find!!!

Kendall oxoxox

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I fell in LOVE with

Hi to everyone!!!   As you know I had my first weekend away from my family ever. Where did I go you are wondering?   Up was up north in Minden, about 5 hours north.  My family and I are O.F.A.H members.  Which is Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.  You have to be a member to take part in the W.O.W Weekend,  the Women's Outdoor Weekend. 
So during my weekend one of the activities we could chose from was the high ropes.  As I was watching other ladies go up I got anxiety, which was crazy because I was looking forward to this.   I was happy on the ground cheering on the other ladies.  But then there was a lady who was terrified of heights. Her goal was to climb half way. She made it to the top of the pole. Passed her goal, but then she started  to panic, not nice :(.  I felt so bad. I had a little chat with her and she change my mind. I needed to try this out. I may never get to do this again.  Its right here in front of me and if I go home with out doing this I would regret it.  (I know I would).  It was my turn.

Climbing up the pole. It was two stories high.

Getting to the top of the pole my heart started racing, just a bit.

Racing just a little bit more. this is when I then looked down a few times. I tryed my best not too. Getting on to those two last staples were hard. There was nothing to hold on to but the rope.

I was shakey stepping up.

It took me a few seconds to get up on these last two staples. But I did it!!!   And my GOAL was to stand on top of the hydro pole, not the staples.

The feeling of accomplishment!!!

Still have to stand on top!!!   This was the hardest part!!!

I DID IT!!!   I know you can't see it, but my legs are together. I'm on top of the world!!!  I had to count to 3 then jump out about 5/6 feet to hit a bouye with my hand.

I DID IT!!!!!!!  
I know I'll be doing this again!!!  Can't wait for the next challange!

Thank you Sue for harnessing me up and then taking these great pictures!

Have a great Day!!!

Kendall oxox

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well as you know from my last post on Monday I promised you some pictures, but that was for Tuesday.  I was not into it:(  I was so darn tired!   My weekend was AWESOME!!!!!    Thank you W.O.W  Weekend.   See you next year!!!
Well here's a run down of my trip.  Last Thursday night Chris drove me to my moms, where I got picked up Friday morning at 6:30 sharp. (thanks Nicole for coming to get me!)   Drove to Guelph where we then picked up Carrie.  She drove from there.  We got to our destination at 12:30. (just in time for lunch)  There was a BBQ waiting for us and for all the other ladies attending.   We checked in made it to our cabin.  We were the porcupine cabin. hahaha.  For the first time I think ever I truly felt like I was a kid again.   Oh and my mother same thing, the last words that came out of her mouth were "Have fun at summer camp" :)  Have fun!  LOL!

We first ventured to the sling shot range. (I had not done this in years, lol)  I also hit 1out of 3 targets:)


Nicole's turn. Shes on the far left. 

The weasel we saw leaving the sling shot range and heading to the gun range.

Guest Speaker- Colin Cotnam and his dog (name, i forget) Canine Unit.

Saturday morning at the Archery  Range.  Nicole shooting the compound bow.  Sue is on the left, (very funny lady)!!!


Fishing off the dock.  Me,  Carrie,  Nicole.

Our view.  (lake name, i forget)

Our supper!

The three of us.  Carrie, Me, Nicole.  (poor Carrie with the sun in her eyes)

We had a Live Auction Sat night.  this is Ray being our model, lol.
I did buy something,  but not this coat.

High Ropes,  AWESOME!!!!!

Fly Tying.  It is harder then what you think!  I really thought that this was going to be easy. It takes alot of practice!

Awards and slide show then a raffle draw was the end of our weekend.

A BIG Thank you ladies for making my weekend BLEEPING AWESOME!!!

Happy Hunting & Fishing!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Hooommme.

Just a quick few words tonight.   I got back home last night around 9pm,  sooo tired!!!  This morning I woke up very tired.  I was OK until about 2:30 this afternoon.  I hit a wall and couldn't even keep my eyes open!   I had to take a nap, thank god above, Jack needed one too!!!
So sorry no pics tonight :(    But I'm home safe & sound & soooooo frigen tired!!! lol.

Nighty, night oxox


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Missing my posting, Life is happening!!!

Its been a crazy week here!!!!!  Very little cake and a whole lot of life happenings!!!  ( does that even make sense???)  lol.   This year September is our month.  Long weekend, Family vacation, Zoe's B-Day, School begins, My FIRST real vacation by myself!!!  W.O.W weekend, Chris goes away, then I get to go away again, ( I MUST BE DREAMING!!!)  then we are both in a weeding together.  And then everything in between. 
I'm heading out first thing in the morn, Excited, Yes.  Anxiety times infinity!!!!!   Its an all mom weekend, no kids.   I'll fill you in next week.  

Have a great weekend!!!!     Until then,     Kendall    ox ox

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School.

Yesterday was my girls first day back to School.  Emma is in Grade 4 this year.  WOW!  Time flies, and Zoe has started Grade 1.  Everyday all day.  She's great at getting up and at em.  you say her name once, shes up, she gets dressed and heads down stairs.  Emma the opposite!   The first thing Zoe said to me today was (now that it is her second day)  "Mom I don't want to go today".  Poor girl, She'll have loads of fun at school today.  She's full of life.  Her name is suits her! LOL!

Here's the girls on there first day back to school.



Jack waving to the girls just as he is about to fall. (he didn't get hurt) and Spot in a full run coming to us, lol.

Every school morning we get to watch the dogs case the horse (Jesse) around the his field.  Can you see Spot???   (he's the little white thing at the end of Jesse's tail.)  Maybe I should get this on video for you all, its pretty funny.  When the bus comes Jesse stops at the corner of the fence until the bus takes off.

Here comes the bus, bye girls.

Have a great day, untill later.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

major mistake :(

So I have linked up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy, yay for me!!!  For WIWW.  You may not understand what Im talking about but she somes her up over on her blog, so pop on over for a look see. 
Big BooBoo.  I typed in my URL wrong so its not linking up right.  (my bad) This has been my first link up ever!    More to come.  So I'm going to give it another try, fingers crossed!!!!!

WIWW @ The Pleated Poppy

Hi to everyone!
For a while now the have been following Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy. Love her!
I have also hummed and hued over weather to post on WIWW.  Me being a SAHM, well that gives me every right to be the frumpy mommy, right?    WRONG! 
So here goes nothing.  I'm going to put it all out there, weather you need to know this or not, but this is a huge thing for me to do this!!!!!   And your maybe thinking what I the world does this have to do with Cakes,  Am I right? ! 
For me this Blog is not just about my new found passion baking and decorating cakes for every ones special someone, But the person behind the cake as well.  (but only through word and still pictures. I'm a bit far from have my own TV Show. But if I did,  "Kakes on the funny Farm"???  )

So back to the WIWW.   (and yes I know it's Thursday, a day
 This is me.

This is me sporting my new shoes. My feet are in heaven once again!!! lol.   (I almost brought home a pair of DKNY flats, they were saying buy me, buy me. lol. But they had to stay :(.  Maybe another day!

Have a GREAT day everyone!