Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hi Everyone!!!   Hoping that everyone is haveing a great summer!!!
We have ran into some road blocks along the way but we are not going to let it slow us down!  Well maybe for a few days here and there, lol.

So this summer I have taken my cakes to a new level.  I am offically a Business Women!!!  This is something that I have been thinking about for the last 2 years, but was not ready.  And now its my time to shine like I never have before!!!   I have started to attend the Farmers Market in Goderich,Ont. on the Square.  Its every Saturday from 8am-1pm.  (so that another step forward)  Although I have had a few bumps in the road.  

One being this one. (yes OMG!)

Last Saturday I attended the Farmers Market, which went great!!!  I have been taking Emma with me, shes a great help!!!  So at 1pm we were packing up and I had a lady come up to me with a piece of paper in her hand, She asked me if I was Kendall and if Jack Maize was my son.  (i said yes to both)  Then this lady said Jack's in Emerg and theres something wrong with his hip.  "Oh, oh OK,  I just finish packing up I will be there in 5 minutes"  Somewhere I realize that she was a nurse and how crazy is it that she came and found me here at the Market.  WOW!!!   We drove a little faster to the hospital, but when I turned the corner at the Emerg enterance to park thats when it hit me this is very serious!!!  The truck was parked right at the emerg entrance with the four ways on.  Oh no.  Emma and I ran into the hospital.  Someone stopped me before I got into the room to tell me what had happened.  When I stepped into the room it was so heart wrenching I seen Jack in the bed with Chris and Zoe by his side, and all I heard was beeping and a whole lota of voices.  Shock set in and turned around and stepped out of the room.  I heard my voice a few times saying ny name but it wasnt regestering. A few seconds later I walked back into the room. There were people (nurses) everywere!!!  And a on looker that I wanted to go scream at!!!  

It only takes a second for accident to happen. And that all it took when it came to Jack.  Chris accidently ran him over with a trailer that he was pulling behind the four wheeler.  They had gone back our side road to pick me some flowers and on the way back they had to pull over into the ditch (which is cut flat grass) to let a car go by. Just before Chris got stopped he seen Zoe right beside him and then it was to late Jack had followed her out of the trailer.  Chris looked back to see if Jack was still sitting in the trailer and wasn't.  He got off the four wheeler and Jack was sitting there on the grass, he was trying to get up but couldn't.  When Chris picked him up he realized what he had done.  He drove back home (20 seconds up the road) Got the truck and drove into the hospital. 

So back to only being in the room for a few minutes one of the Nureses said that the Hospital was on code Orange.  Im thinking "What?, what does that code mean?"  The Helicopter was on its way to Airlift Jack to London, ontario to the Childern's Hospital.  I was still in shock from it all and I wanted Chris to go in the helicopter, and he wanted me to go.  Poor Chris,  I couldn't even imagan how he must of felt with what had happened!  All I could do was be strong for us all!  Jack was going to be OK, thats what I kept telling myself.  And prayed like never before!!!
When we got to London they did more x-rays and ultra sounds. And determand that he only had a broken femur which was high up close to his hip bone.  And at exaclly this time (11:30pm) last Saturday we were heading to the sugery room with Jack.
It only seemed like a few minutes past when the surgan came into the waiting room to say that everything went great!!!  No words can explain what we felt!!!

Well thats it in a nut shell, We are all doing better with everything!!!

So untill then,    Kendall     oxox

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  1. Omg Kendall, you must have been so scared!!
    I'm so glad Jacks surgery went well!
    Thinking about you all and will pray for a speedy recovery for Jack!
    xo shelly