Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Hunting Season!

Hi Everyone, Hunting season is in full swing here.  Chris got home last week from his 2 week Moose Hunting Trip up North, 20 some hours north.
Unfortunately no moose for our freezer, but he did have one encounter with a Bull on their last day, To bad they couldn't have stayed longer!!!
But in the end he did enjoy himself!!!

And for some exciting news Chris just came in from getting a Big Deer Buck, a Big 6 pointer!!!  WHOOT!!!  Food for our family!!!

And again some more exciting news, while Chris was away moose hunting, I went and got myself a job. Yes you read that right, after being home for eight years with our children it is time that I spend time outside the home. I'm now ready for this part of my life!  (but only part time)  This leaves me plenty of time for my Cake Creating @ Kendall's Kakes!

Sorry folks, I have no pics to show you right now, but I will!

So until then, have a great night!!!
Kendall  oxox

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