Monday, August 13, 2012

Hockey/Swimming Party Cake

Hey everyone I'm back!  Its been a while since i blogged two days back to back.  I have been missing it, but just couldn't find my groove.

So in between Jacks accident & hospital stays we were home for a week and I did have a few cake orders to fulfill.  Which was great because we were trying to keep things as normal as possible. 
So when this young girls mom called me  (an old neighbour from growing up) I hopped right on it, hockey was also my favorite sport growing up. I also played it too.  But that's for another day.
This day was all about Miss J.  I was told that her favorite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.  And she was having a swimming party.  So this is what I delivered to her. 

Happy Birthday Jaymie!!!

This cake was all Chocolate!!!  The bottom tier is a Hockey Jersey.

(Do to lighting I had to place the cake in 2 different places)

So that's it, in a nut shell for tonight. 

Tomorrow I will have some pictures of what we will be up to this week.
Stay tuned,  Until then

Kendall    oxoxox

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