Saturday, August 6, 2011

Its been a CRAZY few weeks!!! What the BLEEP!!!

Well,  Hello to all!!!  I have once again missed a few days here  (so sorry about that).  I think that it has been more then a few.  lol.   Our little fam. of five has been going through alot these days!  Both Amazing & and not so amazing!   (I'm wishing that I was eating cake right now! LOL)
We said Good Bye to my Mom's Father, my grandpa Charlie.  Tear...
His passion for fishing and the great outdoors lives on! 
We also said good bye to my mom's great aunt George (Georgina) which would be my great-great aunt, but we all called her aunt George.   I'll miss her laugh, it was one of a kind and all the stories she had for us when we would visit. LOL Aunt George!  We also said a last Good Bye to Uncle Morgan, Georges husband.  Morgan was my Great grandpa Jim's brother. They looked so much alike.   Tear...
It's feeling like it my turn for everyone to be dieing around me. I'm now at 5 family members in less then a year. It's the strangest feeling that's for sure!  All I can say is Until then...

We have been back and forth to my moms countless times in the last 2 weeks.  Being with my family means the world to me. I  love you so much!!!   My uncles also came back home from out west.  I loved seeing you!  We all  stayed at my mom &  Don's, their the ones with all the beds.  I'm thinking that they will be enjoying their empty house tonight and sleeping peacefully, lol.

(I could also add some crazy stupidness to the list,  but I don't want to bore you with the details)
After the last two weeks I have also come to realize alot about people and the things that we do with our lives.  My fam. of five is stronger then ever!!!!!  Thank You and  Amen!

Also among all this I have been slamming out cakes!  Yes I had to work some magic and change some peoples dates and times around, more then once but everything was done on time & delivered.  Thank you Chris!!! lol.   He is such a great support with my Cake baking and creating!  He's a fantastic advertiser as well! (so I hear, lol, thank you!!!)  He also takes last minute phone calls from me asking if he can stop on his way home from work and get me fondant, cake boards, or anything else I may need, lol!  He can now walk done the cake isle at the Bulk Barn with his eyes closed. haha.  He is also my delivery boy.  His deliveries start a 5:45, as he heads out the door to go to work, (his full time job)  I hand him a cake in one hand and a coffee in the other.   I say  "Have a Great Day, and Drive Safe!"    He always calls to let me know that the cake was delivered.  And a Huge Thank You to all the Guys at Bruce Power for your orders!
Good Night, Sleep Tight!!

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