Monday, August 22, 2011

What a day!!!

 I 'm thinking of those in Goderich right now!!! :(  After the Tornado ripped though yesterday just around 4:00pm.  We were at a wedding shower for Kate in Port Albert. About 10/15mins north of Goderich.  We were on the edge of the storm with very little hale. (Kate is going to marry one of Chris's oldest nephews, Cory)  Jillian Cory's sister got a text from her soon to be husband Trevor saying he was in the basement, tree down on porch, fence gone, car done, very scared. Tornado.   This is how we found out what was happening.  Scary!!!

We have family members who have had alot of damage done to their homes ans vehicles.  I have been trying to get a hold of some people but cant get though, cell phones are jammed.
I'm thinking  that it is so much worse then what they are letting on.  They have closed down the roads leading in to town (as we call it)  We don't know how long they will be closed for.  We have heard that there is a conference to be held this morning to asses the damage and to bring in volunteers,  Chris has said that he will be taking time from work to help out. He all ready to go!!!

So now it is about 12:30pm, luch done and Chris and a few friends are off with there chain saws to help where needed!  Good luck boys!!!!!  (we have both friends and family with major house damage:(.  )  But lucky no one was hurt!

I have been looking around for pictures and video, but there are a few on utube. Type in Goderich Tornado.  

Until  later, there will be more updates at 3:30.    bye for now.

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