Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh my!

Oh my, I have so much reading to do from other blogger ladies.   I have been distracted by the Tornado that went through the town of Goderich which is 10/15 min south of us.  And today starting around luch time they have put out Tornado Warnings. 

Wow!!!!! 10 mins ago Tornado just touched down outside Lucknow which is 10 min, not even north of us.   I was on the phone with my friend Kate (also a fam. member)  They are in the basement  and the news and radio is telling us to get down in the basement where its the safest.  I just went out to the shop to get Jack and to tell Chris.  He told me that he seen the sky and the clouds go together from different drections, It was pretty wild hes siad, just minutes before I went running out. He thought for sure that that was a tornado.  So now 2 more have hit the area.  3 altogether in the last 4 days.  (and we were always told that we couldn;t have toradoes so close to the lake)   Anything can happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well, over and out.  Untill later.  Bye

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