Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Worked outside.

So yesturday after I posted the speed cleaning I said that I was going to giver a try, Well Jack didnt take a nap at his usual time yesturday so i decided to do some work outside instead. It was a nice day so it worked out good. 
Today is gooing to be the day!  I will be doing the speed cleaning.  Im less 1 child today as well  (sleep over). 

I have also started working on a Wedding Cake for the weekend.   Its a Butterfly themed Cake.  This weekend is going to be a carzy one.   This is how it lookes now:

Friday,  Chris working OT.    I'm baking Wedding cake thats 3 teirs for sat. & a wedding shower cake/ cupcakes for Sun.

Sat morn.  working on Weddeing cake, finishing touches.   Go set up the wedding cake, Come home get ready for another wedding.  Chris and I are also going to a friends wedding later in afternoon & night.

Sunday, work on wedding shower cake.   This wedding shower is for Chris nephew, (where about the same age, lol)   Chris is the yungest of 8.   Go decorate church and them have fun at the wedding shower!!!!!  

And somewhere in there cut the grass,  and chris has to do some work on his truck.   Is there going to be enough time for this??? LOL!    Oh yes I have to also grocerey shop and the kids have a B-Day party tomorrow afternoon.    I would like to find time to write a few posts as well!!!

Have a Happy few Days!!!   Kendall

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