Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hunting update.

A Big Hey to everyone!!!! So I realized after last nights post that the pictures that I posted are not in order. I have been posting from our iPhone, which I finally figured out after a few months of trying. Yes I am so computer/iPhone friendly, lol, not! Lol. So the easiest way is I just added the Blogger app. So easy!!! Now I can blog in a heart beat! So back to the picture thing, there not in order, which I'm not imprest about, but what do u do. Today's deer count Monday#1, Tuseday#1, Wednesday#5, Thursday# 0, but that could change , the guys have only did their morning hunt and are now back at our shop gabing about their morning, lol. It pretty funny listning to them!!!! And if your wondering what I have been up to, well this is it. My project for this morning. I hope my girls love it. (it's for their room), and on Tuseday I was given some great picture frames. Love them!!! Thanks Kate, and your Grandparents as well. They will be loved here!!!!! Lol. Happy Thursday everyone and I will be back later on tonight to fill you in on the rest of today's hunt. Happy Hunting Boyz!!!!!!! Have a great rest of the day, until then! Kendall. Oxoxox

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