Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So much fun!!!

Last night we went out trick r treating, oh it was so much fun!!! (to be a kid again). This year I did my best to make their costumes, I sure will be doing this again!!! I spent $5. 00 at the Dollar Store for a few things that was just easier to buy. And the rest we had here at home. After last year spending $75.00 on two costumes (never again will that happen!) I was mortified after realizing how much they were, but by then we were in the truck leaving the Wal Mart parking lot. And the girls were so excited because they picked out their fav costume. I couldn't dare take them back. (i didn't want to be in the worst mother ever book, again!) Some of you may know this book too. Lol. So here's some pre treating action, hahaha. Zoe's the poser this time around. I'm not sure if Jack's into it as much, lol. I hope that everyone had a great safe night out trick r treating!!!!! We sure did!!! Have a great rest of the day!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!! See ya in the next few days, Love Kendall. Oxoxox

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  1. Kendall,
    Your children look adorable in their costumes!
    Love them!
    shelly xo