Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skunked Friday

Hi everyone!!! Well yesterday Chris didn't have any luck with the deer but sure did with the cyotes. He saw two yesterday morning. Sorry to all the animal lovers but they are a pain in the you know what!!! They have killed friends cattle, and have attacked and killed friends dogs. They have also been seen out and about while people are walking their dogs during the day. There's two dens along the creek behind our house, a little to close to home!!! I'll never forget when Chris came home one day last winter and told me this. He has been on the hunt for them ever since!!! There was also a day when I just happened to take a look out our kitchen window, I noticed that Jesse ( our horse) was standing at the edge of his fence. It seemed odd! Then started trotting really fast down his fence line. I know that there was something wrong! All of a sudden I saw it, the cyote just slowly walked along Jesses fence line (on the other side). And away he went up the fence line, along the field next to us and over the bank to the creek. I was thinking What The Bleep, Bleep, Bleep!!!!! Ever since then there are times when I hate the kids going outside. But what do you do, lol, think positive!!!!!!!
So I hate to say it but no deer again! Chris is taking the day off today which is nice and I have cakes to bake. Happy Saturday, i'll be enjoying the smell of cake, lol. I am also going to be making more of this sweet yummy stuff, lol. Does it look funny??? Well it's the best caramel corn EVER!!!!!

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