Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun filled day!!!

Hello everyone!!! 
Hope you all had a fun filled day!
I sure did!!!
I was city bound first thing this morning as soon as the kids were on the bus I hit the highway!  When I was younger going to the city was always great, but I was there all the time.  And now I'm like a kid in a candy store when going to the city because I NEVER go anymore. Maybe a couple times a year.  But I have a feeling that that's going to change!!!  So today I got my day away!!!  Happy Mommy!!!
Although the next time I'm going to hit up some cake/cupcake shops to try their sweet goodness that they are creating in the city, as well as visit great family!!!
  So next time I better remember to take out the camera.  (unfortunately I have no pics to show you:(  )

Now I'm off to bake like a made woman!!!

Until then,   Kendall   oxox

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