Sunday, June 10, 2012

The past month or so?

Hello to the winding down of the weekend,  and the beginning of a NEW week!   Yesterday I mentioned that we had been up to a lot of things.  So here's just some of it.

 Sporting some new toes after a visit with my Mother.  (me and mom time is always great!!!)

Here are the baskets that I created from all my Mothers Day flowers.  I made up four altogether, which hang at our back doorways.

And more Mothers Day flowers!

Up close and personal.

At the side of our patio are my beloved flowers the Peony.  They came out in full bloom last week.  A week and a half is about all I get of these lovelies.
Walking up to our back door smells great!!!

More flowers out in bloom!

What I have planted in my front urn.

About Four weeks ago we put up our pool.  Just a bit crazy considering we had to have a fire going in our house again in JUNE!!! To keep our little tozzies warm.  YES you read that right!!!   (but then again were not the only ones with crazy weather)  But over the long weekend in May the kids were swimming in the pool, to cold for me!!!  I believe it was 62.  But the kids loved it!!!  
Got ta love June Bugs!!!  These little guys were taking a dip too,hahaha

Having a blast!!!

So this is the colour that I chose for painting the outside of our house.  But before I could finish the job I started I had to put up some new ceder shingles.  My goal was to have this done by the time Chris got home from his Fishing Trip.  With only a couple hours to spare.....

This is how it turned out.  I LOVE IT!!!  i was a few shingles short :(
But looks so much better then before!
But when it poors rain you can see all my paint drippings,LOL.  Although in good weather it blends right in, LOL!

The hearts still there only because there was about twenty nails holding it there, and I was a weakling.  So I guess I'm on the hunt for something else, yes, no???
What about a pair of antlers?????

Until then,  Kendall     oxox

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  1. Kendall the house and flowers look beautiful, you have done a lot of work and it has definately paid off! I didnt realize you had a blog, I will checking in for sure!
    Take good care and send love to the family from Acton xoxox