Monday, June 18, 2012

Peony Wedding Cake

Hello Everyone!!!   Its been way to long!!!!
This past weekend, well in fact most of last week I worked on this cake for a family friend.

Congratulations Kristina & Eddie!!!

The cake that I created for them was Vanilla cake layered with homemade Lemon Curd, iced with Lemon Butter Cream. 

Kristina's favorite flower is the peony.  Let me tell ya we were all glad when they were still out in bloom for her special day!!!  So I also created these sugar peony's for the top of their wedding cake.

These pictures are from different angles,  I LOVED making these!!!!!

I felt kinda famous for a split sec when I delivered this to the venue, when I had one of their little nieces ask me if I was The Cake Designer.  Hello,  I think my eyes were as big a saucers and i was in surprising shock, and then I think I started to chuckle and then I came out "I'm trying to be"
What the heck you do say that to a 10 year old.  I should have been saying "Yes, I am, Would you like to watch me put this together".   She was so cute!!!  She stood there and watched me place the flowers on the cake with the biggest grin the whole time!   Priceless!!!

My first sugar Peony that I worked on.  I had so much fun!  They do take alot of time and days ahead because they need 2-4 days drying time.  The humidity doesn't help the drying time at all.

Here they are drying.  I have tin foil placed over bowls and plastic wrap around them to help them keep there shape while they dry.

Homemade lemon curd.  If you are a lemon type of person you so need to make this!!!  One of the best things ever!!!  (I'm the lemon type)

I hope that you all enjoyed.

Until then, Kendall   oxox

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