Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hunting Cake for Jesse.

Hello Everyone, Hope your having a great weekend!!!
The weather here as been great and the kiddos are spending lots of time in the pool, with 4 more days left of school, the count down is on to be in the pool every second of everyday!!!

So this weekend there were a few birthdays to celebrate!

Happy 7th Birthday Jesse!!!

This little man loves anything that has to do with hunting!!!
So when he came to our house (i use to look after him and his brothers) he would always follow Chris around, it was to funny!!! 

(sorry for the darkness of the pictures)

Did you see that big Buck through the pines?

My lighting is a little better here.

The big 6 pointer in the pines!

Well now I'm off to do some more baking.  Pop around tomorrow for Noah's Cake. 

Untill then,  Kendall   oxox

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