Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally getting them up on here!!! :)

Hello to All!!!
You may have been wondering when in the heck is she getting back on here, well I'm back and here it goes!  I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do!

My flavors from top and to the right. 1. Carrot topped with cream cheese icing, (Chris's fav.)  2. Red Velvet topped with a cream cheese rosette.  3. Peanut Butter with oh so heavenly peanut butter frosting. If you love Reese peeses you will LOVE my peanut butter cake! Taste just like them! (Chris's other fav.)  4. Chocolate on Chocolate.  Enough said!  5.  Strawberry topped with a Strawberry Butter cream Rose. Very famous among my ladies!  (my fav.!) 6. Vanilla with Vanilla Butter cream.  (My kids fav!)

Love this one, it was taken on our front porch.

Some of the 14 Dozen cupcakes that i mad the morning of the shoot. I was up just after 4am to get things done, lol.  (Kylie was coming at 10am.)

The love of my life!!! 

Love This!!!

I have saved the best for last!!!!!!!!!!!!! This says it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CUTEST EVER!!!  ( wearing my camo chef hat)

I had a great day doing this shoot!  I have planed another on for August. Excited for that one already!!!

A HUGE Thank you to Kylie Hulley for coming out to do this for me!!!
She is located in Goderich, Ontario.


  1. Kendall,
    Your cupcakes look fabulous!
    Do you mind if I ask you were you got that wonderful cupcake stand? I've been looking for a couple exactly like that, but their hard to find!
    Glad your back!
    Shelly xo

  2. Thaks Shelly!!! Im glad to be back!!! I had alot of orders to put out the last 2 weeks. I have be playing catch up for a few days. I love reading your blog as well as the other ladies that I fallow. You ladies always bring a smile to my face no matter what!!!!!!!

    The Black cupcake stand is from Home Interiors/ Home and Garden. One of my sister in-laws use to sell it. I LOVED IT!!!!! The sad thing is that they are not here in Canada anymore:(((((. Only in the Stats. The company wont ship to Canada either:(((((. The last time that I checked they still had an on-line magazine. Maybe a pal from the U.S could order it for you. I have thought about that many times! I have also been haveing a hard time as well tying to find stands! The next step for me is to have to get them made. I will keep my eye open for you!!!!!!! What about colour?