Monday, July 18, 2011

Alot to tell.

Theres nothing like being woke up to "KENDALL GET UP THE TRAMPOLINE IS GOING TO BLOW AWAY!   HURRY UP, GET UP, LETS GO! " at 4:15 am  
I'm thinking what the heck, out of a deep sleep.
"OK, yes I'm up"
I put Chris's slippers on and we are both running out the door (the slippers are to big).
Theres nothing like running across your yard in your grandma nightie, with wind blowing like crazy. I'm thinking theres a tornado coming. Lightning flashing all around you. Hair in my face & mouth.  And Chris Yelling over the wind "GET THE BLOCKS, HURRY UP!"
I ask "were are they"  (LOL, that may have not been a good thing to ask, but remember I'm still half asleep!!! and not thinking right.)   LOL.
Oh my god they are heavy when your still sleeping!
We set the cement post blocks on the legs of the trampoline,  Our job was done. The Trampoline saved!!!

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