Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Peony.

I now have some more colour in my garden these days.  My peonies have bloomed but they don't last to long:(  They are my fav! This here is our back deck. That's what we call it.Its a big slab of concrete. My Peonies all across the one side.  When they are in bloom I love it!

This is where I go to enjoy my coffee on nice mornings before the kids wake up.  The furniture is one of a kind.  Chris made it for us.  Can you believe that!  He really did.  He's extremely smart when it comes to building things or fixing things whether it has a motor or not he can do it all!

This is our veggie garden that we planted a bit to late, but then again it was cold when it should have been warm and it rained for days on end. Night and day!!!  After all the rain it was then cold again. Now most of our garden has taken off but there are a few things that never started growing :(  

I wish that I could remember the name of these Peonies.  
These are planted in my big flower bed beside Chris's Shop.

This bush flowered for the first this year!!  Yay!!  There was 3 & 4 blooms per stem! Crazy.  Next year I'll be putting hoops around them so there not dropping to the ground when they all come out in bloom.  When they are in full bloom there just like one big puff ball.

Can't wait till next year when there in full bloom again!!!
 Have a great day!!!

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