Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hello Evevryone!!!!

Over the last few months our childrens school had been participating in the Trees of Knowledge Competition through Mejesta. 
The competion is to win $20,000 for an outdoor classroom for learning about the outdoors.  And Bookside has been working very hard to achive first place.  Although they have been stuck in fourth place for a while we are reaching out to everyone to vote Brookside!!!!
Tomorrow The Green Team and Grade 1 Students are heading to Goderich where they are planning a small parade in hope to spark interest in our campaign to get more people to voting daily.   Scott Miller from CTV Two will be there to cover it :)  So they will be on the local news! Yaaaa!!!
The Brookside students will also be planting a tree at Harbour Park as part of the Tornado Recovery Program.  Go Brookside!!!  

Thank you for voting Brookside over at
(you can only vote once a day)


Untill Tomorrow,  

Kendall  oxoxox

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