Friday, April 27, 2012

Turkey Season 2012, while I'm thrifting

Hey All!!!  

Today markes the second day of TURKEY SEASON 2012!!!    Whoooot,  hooo!!!
Although I'm still not hunting this season:(  We were up and at em at 4am.  (What the BLEEP) I feels like my day should be almost over, lol!!!
Chris and his friend Chad came home around 8:20am.  They BOTH got a turkey!!!   Way to go!!!   Our freezer is in need of some Wild Turkey.  We get this treat once a year.  And like with every hunt we did a photo shoot.

Chris and Chads first Turkey's of the season, day 2 am.  Today is windy and pretty cold.  -Chris is wearing a wool sweater.

While Chris is Hunting I'm thrifting.  Great ugly ducklings turning into swan princesses.  I found these great buys for $7.  I have found that Valsper spray paint may hurt your finger a little, but the finished product in amazing!!! 
We Love the RED!!!

This here beauty is our Fav!!!

I started these Wednesday afternoon and completed the last night,  AMAZING!
Chris has complmented me so many times that I have lost track!!!  Oh how I love in soo!!! 

We have been dealing with a sand storm now for weeks.  (really, it has been weeks!)  We have never seen anything like it.  Chris has lived here all his life and has never seen this. Its crazy!!!  I wasn't aware that we lived in the desert here in Ashfield Twsp. (LOL)

The feild behind our house.  And this is nothing, at times it's a wall of sand around us!  (please look beyond our pile of sleds and skiies, and other stuff we're in the prossese of cleaning out one shed to put it in barn) lol.

This dosn't look to bad, but the haze that you see is sand!!! It blows so bad at times that were you see the grass field end, the sand wall begins and you can't see nothing.  And when you walk outside you got it, sand in your eyes! Ouch!!  This morning was one of the few times the wind didn't pick up the sand, and Chris was able to hunt.

Well Everyone Enjoy the rest of your day,  I'm thrifting for some .50 cent finds.  See ya!!!

Until Later,

Kendall   oxox

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