Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm back in the Saddle again!!!

I'm feeling pretty Fantastic today my friends!!!
I have finally done things that I have been putting off for months, and yes you read that right months.  Although there have been reasons for that, I'm not going to bore you today.  (Sorry folks)  lol.

A certain someone in my life has a saying for me, (my mother)  "Kendall every things a project for you".  When ever she asks What are you working on,  I reply  "Ah, one of my projects".  Mom, "Oh, which one are you working on today?" 

So here are some finished things that I have done while I have been away from my blogging,  (some stress relieving work!)

These are the wonderful curtains that I made for our laundry room, (which is a closet)  I have never stopped loving this fabric!!!  I have had it laying around since 2003 waiting for me.  (a buy 1 get 2 free sale) I had bought it to redo our camping trailer at the time.  And this is what I did with the left overs.  (the bird house hanging is the girls piece of work) 

This is the ruffle along the bottom.  Who doesn't love ruffles!!!  I have joined the band wagon!!!

The hooks that hold it all up, wrought iron from the Dollar Store. $1 each.  And the wrought iron rod we had in the shop. Left overs from when Chris was building wrought iron furniture.  He painted it black for me and wa la. Done!!!

Here's the lamp shade that I made a while back, all from scraps.  I finally got around to painting it's home.  I'm sure it loves it but I'm not so sure that I do, lol. 

This here milk glass light fixture also got a nice fresh coat of paint as well.  (still needing to get the paint thinner out, as you can see)

Mr. J taking in a great source of vitamin C.  Which we have been all needing lately!!!  We go through 8lbs a week. (darn runny noses)

We better go back for some more!!!  yummy!!!

Yes, I to have been saving frames for over a year now.  I have my colour scheme down now, which I'm very excited for!!!  Thank you left over white paint!  Living Room make over done on the cheap!!! 

This project cost around $7.  
(the lamps, couch, end tables are all going to be receiving a revamp)

Here is the pures that I have loved for so long, but my flame is slowly fading, haha.  So I took a venture and this is what I ran into.

There ended up being one down fall, it DIDN'T fit my new wallet from Christmas.  So I guess the grass isn't always so green on the other side. LOL.
So I'm sticking with good old Turk, for now.  I'm secretly hopping that one day a wristlet clutch will enter my life from a favorite designer!!!
(I'm just not that great with putting colour together, and what works)

The cost $???  I already had everything.  

Its amazing what things you an create when You Shop Around Your House!!!
 Thank you to every one that has said this!!!

Happy Monday!!!
And to the busy week to come!!! 


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