Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hello Tuseday.

Hello All!!!
As I said yesterday, the weather man or women had mentioned that we were to get snow today.  Well we didn't get what they thought.  But we did get very little snow this morn.   I'm grateful that our gardens didn't die!!! I was kinda worried!!!  (the storm went around us)

Now that our little ones are slowly getting bigger I have been searching for ideas for playgrounds.  I have came across lots!!!  Barbara Butler has got to be my fav!!!   I would love to add on to what we already have,  And I have started to come up with a few drawings.  We have somethings that we can re-purpose from around the farm :)  Bonus
Well,  I'm off to more baking!   YUM!!!

Until then,
Kendall  oxox

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