Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arrr Matey

Hello to all!

Arr Matey!

A little man up the road had a Pirate Party on Sunday, and the look on his face when I came to the door with this.  LOL!  It was sooo cute and funny.  And I was speechless.  His look said it all!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

This cake was half Vanilla with Vanilla Butter cream and the other half Chocolate with Chocolate Butter cream.  The fondant was all Chocolate.

These are the onions that Zoe picked for me. She first came in with one little bunch then the next thing I know she comes in with an arm load and says to me.  "Mom I picked you some onions maybe you can put them into soup."
All I could  do was laugh.  These are the only thing that we have growing right now, and have yet to plant our veggie garden. 

Have a great day!!!!

Until then,   Kendall  oxox

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  1. Love the blog Kendall. Your cakes are looking great. We'll have to get one for Jaime when she turns one. The Zoe story is so cute. Did you get the soup made!!!