Thursday, May 10, 2012

Painting EVERYTHING that I can find.

Hi Everyone, hope that you are having a great Thursday!!!

Here's a little tid bit of what I have been up to when its not raining and cold.
This is our outdoor dinner table, it was white, then a rainbow of colours,(yes this is the table that i have been doing my painting on outside), and now it's black to match our other wrought iron furniture.  Chris also made this as well.  Hes pretty darn talented!!!
 I ran out of paint, with just a very small spot to finish

I made this wreath last spring.  It has been hanging around in my craft room waiting for me.  And now she waits no more.  So I decided to paint her up.  I have a great spot for her!!!

I have also been wanting to paint this for same while now, but undecided on a colour.  So white it is.  This once served as a bench at our back door, but now a coffee table.

This is one of our favs.  From Martha, Everyday Food.  I was asked countless times were the broccoli was.  lol.   We had none on hand:(
And yes that's lemons sliced up tossed in there as well, so yummy!!!
Into the oven we go.

And out we come.  What in world have I done?  Sweet potato doesn't taste to bad a little black, hahaha.  It was pretty caramelized to say the least!
Chicken was perfect!!!

I think we have another super star in the fam!!!
Mr. J just had to put these on and then he posed foe me.  Too cute!!!
I think it might be a bit early to hit the rink.  What do you think???

What a clever idea, a handle to pick the kids up off the ice with!,   LOL,LOL!!!
(its sooo not for that!!!  How about to hang them up after the game)

Now off to planning my baking weekend.  Hard at it!!!  And loving every minute of it!!!!!

Until tomorrow

Kendall   oxox

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