Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things we have worked on.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

So today I thought that I would be painting, because were I get my baking supplies from is closed today:(.  Tomorrow is going to be a bit of along day.  But who doesn't love baking.  (I may get a little head start tonight)

To many grey to choose from!!!
Iv narrowed it down to three swatches,  I purchased a test pot, brought it home, I was sooo excited!!!,  painted some areas,  and its not the right colour.  So sad. 
Thank god for test pots!!!

Happy Mothers day to me!!!   Going to a green house was part of my fun filled day!!!  My plants are all planted and looking great!!!
Bringing these home was pretty funny in our Ford Escape along with three kidos, plus five bags of soil. I wish that I would have gotten a picture.  We were just one big flower, hahaha

Chris and I put these up on the back end of our house.
I still feel like there is something missing. Not sure what. My vision was a little different.  But Chris was happy!

As we were heading out the lane way to go to town these sweet little guys were perched on our new decorations.  Chris took a double take, it was priceless. I wish I had it on tape!!!  And I burst out laughing!!!  There not real.  I sure got a reaction!!!  LOL!!!

Chris also made the girls some new swings.  After i search all over the Internet I found great swings but there was no way I was paying $60.00 plus tax and then shipping on top of that for 2 swings.  These swings cost us nothing because we had everything, and it took Chris 15 minutes to make these and hang them.  Everyone loves them!!!
Everything was re-purposed!!! How awesome is that!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Until then, Kendall  oxox

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