Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey Saturday!!!

Hello Saturday Afternoon!!!
I hope that every ones weekend is off to a great start!!!
With one cake already out the door this morning a have a few more to fulfil. And half of our house hold is off for an afternoon nap, and the girls outside playing I have a few minutes to take in some silence,  lol.  (you moms out there know what I'm talkin about)

So if you have been wondering why I really haven't been around here for a few days, well we have been a little busy taking care of our dog "Spot". and why, well I ran over him on Wednesday night after our girls fantastic night at GEMS.  I was turning into our lane way and that's when it happened.  And Chris rushed him to the 24 hour on call vet.  Thank you god that he was OK.  But at first we didn't think that he was going to make it.  He has a swelled right shoulder and his leg was twisted.  Maybe a broken rib, but there is nothing that can be done for that, and a few small cuts on the pads of his front feet.  The first 24 hours was pretty emotional.  I have been feeling so bad for what I have done.  But Thank God that he is going to be OK.  He is still in pain, but getting better day by day!!!

And here's the cake that got picked up this morning.
A Purse Cake, for a "13" teenager who LOVES money. 


I hope that you enjoy your cake!

Thanks Tina!

I'm off to do some more baking!!!  Yum!!!
Be back tomorrow

Until Then,  have a great night.

We're having movie night tonight!!!


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