Saturday, September 17, 2011

What I fell in LOVE with

Hi to everyone!!!   As you know I had my first weekend away from my family ever. Where did I go you are wondering?   Up was up north in Minden, about 5 hours north.  My family and I are O.F.A.H members.  Which is Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.  You have to be a member to take part in the W.O.W Weekend,  the Women's Outdoor Weekend. 
So during my weekend one of the activities we could chose from was the high ropes.  As I was watching other ladies go up I got anxiety, which was crazy because I was looking forward to this.   I was happy on the ground cheering on the other ladies.  But then there was a lady who was terrified of heights. Her goal was to climb half way. She made it to the top of the pole. Passed her goal, but then she started  to panic, not nice :(.  I felt so bad. I had a little chat with her and she change my mind. I needed to try this out. I may never get to do this again.  Its right here in front of me and if I go home with out doing this I would regret it.  (I know I would).  It was my turn.

Climbing up the pole. It was two stories high.

Getting to the top of the pole my heart started racing, just a bit.

Racing just a little bit more. this is when I then looked down a few times. I tryed my best not too. Getting on to those two last staples were hard. There was nothing to hold on to but the rope.

I was shakey stepping up.

It took me a few seconds to get up on these last two staples. But I did it!!!   And my GOAL was to stand on top of the hydro pole, not the staples.

The feeling of accomplishment!!!

Still have to stand on top!!!   This was the hardest part!!!

I DID IT!!!   I know you can't see it, but my legs are together. I'm on top of the world!!!  I had to count to 3 then jump out about 5/6 feet to hit a bouye with my hand.

I DID IT!!!!!!!  
I know I'll be doing this again!!!  Can't wait for the next challange!

Thank you Sue for harnessing me up and then taking these great pictures!

Have a great Day!!!

Kendall oxox

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