Thursday, September 8, 2011

Missing my posting, Life is happening!!!

Its been a crazy week here!!!!!  Very little cake and a whole lot of life happenings!!!  ( does that even make sense???)  lol.   This year September is our month.  Long weekend, Family vacation, Zoe's B-Day, School begins, My FIRST real vacation by myself!!!  W.O.W weekend, Chris goes away, then I get to go away again, ( I MUST BE DREAMING!!!)  then we are both in a weeding together.  And then everything in between. 
I'm heading out first thing in the morn, Excited, Yes.  Anxiety times infinity!!!!!   Its an all mom weekend, no kids.   I'll fill you in next week.  

Have a great weekend!!!!     Until then,     Kendall    ox ox

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