Friday, September 16, 2011


Well as you know from my last post on Monday I promised you some pictures, but that was for Tuesday.  I was not into it:(  I was so darn tired!   My weekend was AWESOME!!!!!    Thank you W.O.W  Weekend.   See you next year!!!
Well here's a run down of my trip.  Last Thursday night Chris drove me to my moms, where I got picked up Friday morning at 6:30 sharp. (thanks Nicole for coming to get me!)   Drove to Guelph where we then picked up Carrie.  She drove from there.  We got to our destination at 12:30. (just in time for lunch)  There was a BBQ waiting for us and for all the other ladies attending.   We checked in made it to our cabin.  We were the porcupine cabin. hahaha.  For the first time I think ever I truly felt like I was a kid again.   Oh and my mother same thing, the last words that came out of her mouth were "Have fun at summer camp" :)  Have fun!  LOL!

We first ventured to the sling shot range. (I had not done this in years, lol)  I also hit 1out of 3 targets:)


Nicole's turn. Shes on the far left. 

The weasel we saw leaving the sling shot range and heading to the gun range.

Guest Speaker- Colin Cotnam and his dog (name, i forget) Canine Unit.

Saturday morning at the Archery  Range.  Nicole shooting the compound bow.  Sue is on the left, (very funny lady)!!!


Fishing off the dock.  Me,  Carrie,  Nicole.

Our view.  (lake name, i forget)

Our supper!

The three of us.  Carrie, Me, Nicole.  (poor Carrie with the sun in her eyes)

We had a Live Auction Sat night.  this is Ray being our model, lol.
I did buy something,  but not this coat.

High Ropes,  AWESOME!!!!!

Fly Tying.  It is harder then what you think!  I really thought that this was going to be easy. It takes alot of practice!

Awards and slide show then a raffle draw was the end of our weekend.

A BIG Thank you ladies for making my weekend BLEEPING AWESOME!!!

Happy Hunting & Fishing!!!

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