Thursday, September 22, 2011

WIWW, week #2.

Hello everyone!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!  For those that have stopped by before or its your first time its WIWW time!  (although I'm a day late posting this and I have missed 2 weeks, not good on my part) But better late then never.  Right? LOL.   So here it goes. 

top - Aeropostale
jeans - walmart
jean jacket - hand me down from my girlfriend Kate (just the other day) Thank you my friend!!!
scarf - Good Choice  (you can get everything at this store)

Purse - Good Choice  (its my pride & joy!, hahaha)  I'm sure some of you feel the same way.
My purse will be posted another day.

Shoes - The Shoe Barn  (a local shop)
(a $5 find, whoot for me)

I have once again entered the 90's with these shoes.hahaha  The loafer.
The first time I put these on to go out I got "Mom you look like a geek with those shoes on. There really geeky!!!"
Me,  "Oh". it totally caught me off guard. "Well your dad loves them".  hahaha

Have a fantastic Day!!!

Still loving my $5 find!!!

Kendall oxoxox

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