Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School.

Yesterday was my girls first day back to School.  Emma is in Grade 4 this year.  WOW!  Time flies, and Zoe has started Grade 1.  Everyday all day.  She's great at getting up and at em.  you say her name once, shes up, she gets dressed and heads down stairs.  Emma the opposite!   The first thing Zoe said to me today was (now that it is her second day)  "Mom I don't want to go today".  Poor girl, She'll have loads of fun at school today.  She's full of life.  Her name is suits her! LOL!

Here's the girls on there first day back to school.



Jack waving to the girls just as he is about to fall. (he didn't get hurt) and Spot in a full run coming to us, lol.

Every school morning we get to watch the dogs case the horse (Jesse) around the his field.  Can you see Spot???   (he's the little white thing at the end of Jesse's tail.)  Maybe I should get this on video for you all, its pretty funny.  When the bus comes Jesse stops at the corner of the fence until the bus takes off.

Here comes the bus, bye girls.

Have a great day, untill later.

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