Saturday, June 18, 2011

FOUND IT!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my,  you wont believe it,  I finally found my camera!!!!!!!   The Mr. Chris also figured out how to upload pictures for his iPhone!!!  LOL.  you maybe thinking, That's so easy!  but if you know Chris its a big thing (not a computer person)  And for myself, I'm learning as I go.  But for now I'm going to have to let you go :(  I have 2 cake orders for tomorrow!!!
One last thing though before I go,  A Huge Thank You to Sadie Jane over @ Simply Sadie Jane!!!!  She is my 3rd follower!!!  (this is a big deal! lol)   Her Blog is tooo cute!!!  And I love her ETSY Shop! So go on over and take a look, you will love her shop too!!!!
Thanks Sadie!!!!! xoxo
More exciting posts to come!  Stay tuned.

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