Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm working on in my FREE time!!!

With my last trip to town I said that I was going to fill you in later.  Well I finally chose the paint colour for our sons room and picked it up the other day.   Sorry there are no before pics, ( it was really bad,lol)    Paneling that was a light brown with dark brown wood grain.  We also live in a 101 year old home. ( the family farm)   Now it is up to us to bring it up to date!  lol.
Standing in the door way of his room taking this.
One big wall.
The top of his closet door.  I'm not wanting to show the whole door because it such a mess, (when we had to move everything out of his room. lol.)  I may get the nerve up to take a pic, to give you a good laugh!
This is from the far side of the room show you the doorway into his room.

This is me standing on the ladder taking the tape off, and as you can see I will also have touch ups to do. (Your probably thinking no wonder your standing across the room pulling the tape off,lol)  I thought it was pretty funny, the whole room came off in one piece.  
And yes I will be getting a new Light fixture!

I have a big list of projects for Jacks Room.  From painting his bed to sewing is bedding and a few other things.  So stay tuned!!!

Have a great day,  Kendall


  1. Hi Kendall,
    I have a months worth of my handbag features already, so hopefully that will give you some time? I would love to have you for my "What's In Your Handbag feature"
    What if we aim for the middle of July? I will shoot you an email with what I would need!
    Love the paint colour! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Thanks Shelly, Thats sounds Great! I'm in love with my hand bag!!!