Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Fishing trip.

Well I said that I would show you some more pictures of the Fly-In Fishing trip,  So here they are.  Life has been a bit crazy with me also being sick for just over a week we are now getting back on track!!!  So excited for what things are to come!!!!!!!  Anyways here we go.

This is the cabin that they all stayed in for a few days.

The front porch, and Chris's brother Randy.

Where they sat and took in  the view.

The dock, now remember this is out in the middle of now where.

This is a hill next to the cabin, all rock!  So they climbed.

And climbed.

And climbed with fishing pole and phone in hand! lol!

And climbed some more!

and then over another huge rock,

to see this!!!!!!!  WOW is all I can come up with!   Up stream.

Our friend Tommy V (maize).  Our girls have always thought that he was related. Emma calls him Tommy Maize and it has stuck. lol.  He's not related, not even close.  He also showed up sporting a new do for the trip.  A close up later on.

Down stream and once again fishing pole in hand!  Its either a fishing pole or gun in hand with Chris!  Loves to Hunt and Fish every second he can!!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, Have a great rest of the day, I have cakes to ice and crafts to finish.  Have a good one,   Kendall

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