Monday, June 20, 2011

Jilly Bean

Last month was a very crazy Birthday Month with our fam.  Lost count on how many there were altogether! lol.   Here is one of the cakes I make for our niece Jillian. She turned 30 this year.  And yes if does feel strange to say niece because I'm only one year older then her. LOL.  You maybe thinking what the.....  But my other half is the youngest of eight.  The baby of the fam.  And I'm an only child. 
So anyways on with the cake!  About the family will be another post in the future.

 (The family calls her Jilly Bean)
She loves Pink, and very fashionable!  (unlike myself!)

The light Pink slab cake on the bottom was half Chocolate and Vanilla single layer.  The purse was alternate layers of Chocolate and Vanilla, seven layers!.  This cake was very heavy!!!!!!!  The high heel and make-up where all edible!!! 
( I have gave myself a pat on the back for this one!!! Very proud of myself !!!)

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