Monday, June 20, 2011

How does your Garden grow???

 Welcome!!! For those who can't be here in person here are some pictures of my gardens.  These are a bit out of date! Taken about a mouth and a half ago, maybe longer. ( seeing as we just figured out how to up load pics from the iPhone) LOL!
 My shad bed under the ceders. And yes as you can see I had some weeding still to do! (the top of the pic)  I'm in love with Hostas!!!
 My pathway I made all on my own, even the stones!  With our cement mixer, a pill sand, a truck load of gravel, 10 bags of cement power/dust what ever you want to call it, two shovels, a pail, mold, and alot of energy and hard work. This is what you get. 
Oh yes and on last thing, the shed in the back drop will be my shop in the future!!!
 The back drop here is Chris's shop, which he LOVES!!! and so do all the guys, lol!

 The Wrought Iron furniture you see there on our deck, Well Chris built that. He so so talented!!! He can do anything!!!
Our lane, We LOVE it!!!

I have some more up to date pics to come!   Have a Great Day!!!!!

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